Top 6 Refreshing Indian Drinks For Summer


Top 6 Refreshing Indian Drinks For Summer

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Summers are here and there should be a refreshing drink to keep you properly hydrated! You know about Indian summers pretty well, don’t you? You need fluids to keep you going in the scorching heat! Many people turn to easily available soft drinks but they are loaded with sugar and quite unhealthy. This summer you need to go all natural! Let us have a look at some interesting Indian summer drinks.

1) Lemon juice

lemon juice top 6 refreshing Indian summer drinks

The evergreen lemon juice is a winner always!!! Just squeeze a lemon and add stevia for sweetening your drink. You are ready with your sugar free nimbu paani. Adding a hint of mint in it will add zing to the flavour. Nimbu paani is something that you can keep experimenting with! Add in ice cubes and sip to glory!

2) Orange juice

Which Is Better - Fruit or Fruit Juice for weightloss

Though eating the whole fruit is healthier, you just can’t resist a glass of fresh orange juice because it can quench your thirst on a hot summer day. Don’t add sugar to it, just have the pure juice. Don’t forget to chill it down well!!

3) Mango panna

Mango panna- top 6 refreshing indian drinks

Mango panna is made from the raw mango (I am drooling already). This drink has sugar in it but it is a great drink to beat the heat. It is made by boiling the raw mango with water, sugar, salt and other condiments. It will be pulpy to which you can add water and keep it in the fridge for chilling. Pour it into your glass and enjoy! You even get readymade mango panna concentrate in the market but it is great if you can make it at home.

4) Jaljeera

jaljeera top 6 refreshing Indian summer drinks

This is yet another exciting and refreshing drink for the summers. Jaljeera has tamarind or imli as the chief ingredient. You need to soak tamarind for a while and extract the thick juice from the pulp. Add sugar, salt, cumin and other condiments to it and add lots of water to dilute it. You can improvise the recipe and make it the way you like it. Just don’t forget the ice cubes.

5) Lassi

Lassi for healthy gut

Up North, you would mostly be welcomed with a glass of lassi in summers. Yes, lassi is a great thirst quencher and also a great probiotic drink as it is made from yoghurt that has friendly bacteria vital for gut health. The traditional drink of Punjab is made by churning yoghurt well and adding water to it. It can be made either sweet or salty. The salty version has salt and ground cumin added to it.

6) Kanji

fermented drink indian kanji

Kanji is a traditional Indian drink that is made in an earthern pot. For this you will need dark purple carrots to bring in that flavour and colour. The carrots are diced and mustard like seeds called ‘rye’ in hindi are powdered and added in the matka along with black salt and red chilli. Water is added and the earthern pot(matka) is placed under the sun for 3 to 4 days. After it is fermented, kanji is ready for consumption!

So, this was the list of refreshing Indian drinks for summer!

Do you have more interesting summer drinks to suggest? Please do share with us!

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