Why Regular Physical Exercise Is Important?


Why Regular Physical Exercise Is Important?

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Want to do something that will make you feel better, provide you with more energy and help you live longer? No it is not magic; you can get all these benefits by exercising on a regular basis. The health benefits that are offered by regular exercising and doing physical activity cannot be ignored. Here are 6 great ways by which exercise improves life.

Exercise helps in controlling weight

This probably the main reason why people workout- to lose weight! When you take part in physical activity, you burn calories. As the intensity of the physical activity increases, the amount of calories burnt by you also increase. If you are always short of time for an actual workout, you need not worry. Just try using the stairs instead of the lift or if you are at home you can convert your household chores into exercise.

Exercise Precautions For weight loss

Exercise wards off diseases

Are you worried about high blood pressure and heart disease? Whatever your current weight may be, if you are physically active, it boosts HDL- “the good cholesterol” and there is a decrease in unhealthy triglycerides. Exercising helps your blood flow smoothly and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Physical activity when done regularly can help prevent and manage a lot of ailments, namely: Type 2 diabetes, stroke, metabolic syndrome, depression, a few cancers and arthritis. Regular physical activity can help you balance yourself well and prevent falls.

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Boost your mood with exercise

Sometimes you are emotionally down and irritated due to office or personal issues. And at times you want to get rid of the day’s stress. In all such situations, doing some physical activity will be useful. You can head to the gym or go for a brisk walk. Physical activity stimulates the brain chemicals that make you feel relaxed and happy. You may actually start feeling good about yourself when you exercise on a daily basis. This will help boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Boost energy with exercise

Are you getting tired by doing household chores or grocery shopping? Try doing regular physical activity as it can help in improving your endurance and muscle strength. By exercising and doing physical activity, more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the tissues and this helps in making your cardiovascular system work in a more efficient manner. When your heart and lungs work better, you will have more energy for your day to day tasks.

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Exercise promotes good sleep

Are you finding it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep? Doing regular physical activity can make you fall asleep faster and your sleep will be deep. Make sure you don’t exercise close to bedtime as you will be too full of energy and won’t be able to fall asleep.

How To Avoid Weight Gain During Work sleep

Exercising adds the fun factor to your life

Exercising can be fun! It will give you some time to unwind and have fun outdoors. There is nothing like fresh air blowing on your face. Taking part in physical activity can help you connect with people. Go ahead and join a dance class, football team or any other physical activity you enjoy. If you get bored of a particular activity, you always have the option of trying out a new activity. Just allot some time for yourself so that you can do some physical activity and have fun.

Make it a point to do some physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. Do check with your doctor before starting any new workout if you have existing health problems like arthritis, heart disease or diabetes.

Ready for some physical activity?

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