12 Cool Relaxation Techniques For This Holiday Season!


Relaxation Techniques For This Holiday Season!

Hello All!!!

With holiday season here, how many of you are playing host and how many of you are flying to another place for a family reunion? Things can get stressful with lots of relatives around! I hope you understand what I mean! You need your ‘me time’ to relax in such a scenario. Here are some cool relaxation techniques for this holiday season!

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1) Drink green tea

Yes, green tea is bitter but it has a lot of stress relieving compounds in it. It will help you relax and live better. Green tea also has several health benefits to offer along with helping in weight loss! Read more about green tea here!

2) Try some dark chocolate

Chocolate in the right doses is good for you say studies. If you feel that you are stressed out, you should go in for a square of dark chocolate. Including dark chocolate in your daily diet will help lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke. What a delicious way to stay healthy and ward off stress!

3) Take time out to meditate

When your close friend or relative gets on your nerves and you can’t do anything about it, just meditate. Do it as an early morning ritual for 5 mins. It will really calm your mind down. It works great on the days you go to work too. Meditation is also known to reduce the risk of depression.

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4) Take a power nap

For quick relaxation there is nothing in this world better than a simple and quick power nap. According to scientists, it can make you feel refreshed.

5) Do Yoga

Yoga is said to tone your body as well as reduce stress. You can do some poses when you feel stressed. You need not be an expert at it, just learn the poses that will help you out.

6) Dance your stress away

You can simply play your favourite number and start dancing to it. It will help improve your mood and you will feel a lot better. You should try it the next time you feel stressed out.

7) Quick massage

Cannot do yoga or dance? Just take your left hand and massage your right hand slowly with your eyes closed. Massage between each finger, rub your thumb and breathe deeply.

8) Go for a quick walk

Exercising is very important for your health and to get rid of stress. Scientists have found that a quick walk several times a day can help reduce your stress. Be it office stress or the stress of a personal kind (reunions I tell you!), walking can make you feel relaxed.

9) Sing your heart out

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When you feel stressed out, it would be great if you can sing your favourite song. Crooning is said to help you relax no matter how bad it is (Just make sure you do it alone if you are a bad singer!)

10) Smell flowers

Smelling flowers can help you relax. Got a vase full of flowers? Just let the scent enter your mind! You will feel refocused and satisfied.

11) Cuddle your pet

Cuddling your pet is said to be a time-tested way of relaxing. Just a five minute cuddle will send signals to the brain and you will get de-stressed.

12) Laugh

Get along with your family and friends and laugh it out! There is no better therapy than laughter!

I want you to enjoy this holiday season so remember the above relaxation techniques that hold good for other days too!

Merry Christmas!

Hope you liked this post on simple and easy relaxation techniques!

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