Relieving Sore Muscles After Workout


Relieving Sore Muscles After Workout

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This post is about the types of muscle soreness and ways to relieve sore muscles after a workout. I felt muscle soreness when I ran for a 100 mts race back in school. I remember that painful morning the next day 🙁


Soreness is sometimes confused with pain. Actually, the two are very different. When you have sore muscles, there is a dull and a little uncomfortable ache in the muscles. On the other hand, pain is a sharp and uncomfortable sensation in the joints, bones and muscles. Having slightly sore muscles after a workout (that too first time) is normal but if you have anything beyond that you should stop your workout and head straight to the doctor.

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

This soreness is the one you feel the next morning after a really hard workout. It is nothing out of the ordinary. It usually happens when you try some new kind of tough workout. It may last up to 72 hrs post your hard workout. The best part is that once you pass this phase of soreness, the same activity will not make you feel so sore the next time. This is because your muscles would have become stronger and they would be able to handle the challenge better.

How to treat it?

If you want some relief from this muscle soreness try giving yourself a massage, put on an ice-pack, try out gentle stretching and yoga.

Long Term Muscle Soreness

When the soreness lasts longer than 72 hrs after the tough workout it means you have pushed yourself too hard or you have not exercised since ages 😛 Long Term Muscle Soreness feels like DOMS, it is just that it is more severe. It shows that your body needs some more time to repair the muscles.

How to treat it?

Just like treating normal muscle soreness do some massages, apply ice and do a bit of stretching. Also do some walking, yoga or light swimming. However, if the problem persists for more than 5 days it would be better to head for the doc’s clinic.

Muscle cramps

A muscle cramp is a sudden, involuntary contraction. It lasts for a few seconds or minutes. You would have seen sportsmen and sportswomen suffer from cramps during the game.

It can happen due to

  • muscle strain
  • dehydration
  • depletion of minerals from the body
  • deficient minerals in your diet
  • low blood supply to muscles

How to treat it?

muscle-cramps after workout

A cramp can be painful. A gentle massage and stretching can help in relieving the pain. Drink more water to keep yourself hydrated. If it happens during a workout, stop till the pain subsides.

Unexplained aches

If you experience soreness in the area of the body you didn’t work out, then your soreness may fall in the category of unexplained aches. It is a sign of exercising in poor form. You may have got this because of lifting weights improperly at the gym.

How to treat it?

If there is just soreness of muscles do massages, apply ice packs, do some stretching or light yoga. Pay attention to the point of soreness in the body so that you can take precautions the next time you hit the gym. If you have pain in the joints then it would be better to ask the doctor about it.

Burning sensation in muscles

 A burning sensation in the muscles is a normal sign of the fact that you are working. Muscles release protons on using energy; during heavy workouts these protons accumulate faster than the body’s ability to release them. This gives the burning sensation and indicates that there is a muscular fatigue.

How to treat it?

 You can treat it by simply stopping the exercise. Take rest for a few minutes. The burning sensation will stop within a few minutes. Later you may have muscle soreness due to the hard workout.

Hope this post is of help. Do visit the doctor if your problem persists.

Now do you know about relieving sore muscles after workout?

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