How To Replace Soft Drinks With Healthier Drinks?


How To Replace Soft Drinks With Healthier Drinks?

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It is summer time! And to quench your thirst you need something cold and what is most widely available? Colas and other fizzy drinks! You guzzle down extra calories by consuming such sugary drinks. Consumption of soft drinks increases the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. According to research, consuming soft drinks can further trigger sweet craving that sparks a vicious cycle of eating and drinking sweet stuff.

Now, you may say that you are having diet soda and that does not contain sugar and calories. Do you know that studies have said that the intake of diet soda is linked to increase abdominal obesity in adults above 65 years of age? Diet soda drinkers have a waist line 3 times the size of non-drinkers.

So, it is time to kick the soft drink habit. You can swap your glass of sugary fizz with healthier and low calorie thirst quenchers that also satisfy your taste buds.

Flavoured water

watermelon water

There is an upsurge in flavoured waters in the market. However, you need to be careful as they may contain sugar or artificial sweeteners. It would be healthier to go in for a natural flavouring. You can add slices of lemons, watermelon, orange, cucumber and mint to a jug of ice cold water to get your very own and natural flavoured water. You can also freeze chopped fruit and water and add the colourful fruit cubes in water for quick taste and colour.

Green tea

ways to drink green tea

Green tea is a calorie free drink that helps reduce the risk of several ailments like cancer, hypertension, heart disease and kidney stones. It is naturally high in antioxidants. Green tea is available in several varieties. It can either be consumed hot or cold. If you want to sweeten it, you can add a little bit of honey to enhance the flavour.

Red wine


If you are a fan of cola, it would be better to go in for a glass of red wine. It is said that red wine, when consumed in moderation can reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. But you should not overdo it :P. Women should limit their consumption to one drink a day whereas men can have two drinks per day.

Veggie juice

bottle gourd juice weight loss

In order to get the benefits of veggies, it is best to consume the juice of all the veggies. You get a low calorie drink that has much less sugar than fruit juices. Just be careful about the sodium content as veggie juice can be high in sodium. You can easily make your very own glass of veggie juice by adding your favourite veggies into the juicer. You can sweeten your juice by adding a few slices of fruit that help in naturally sweetening your drink.

Soy milk


If you happen to be a vegan or lactose intolerant then you can go in for soy beverages. Soy milk is available in so many flavours. Studies show that soy milk can help reduce the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. Look for unsweetened soy beverages and those that have been fortified with calcium and vitamin D, especially if you are substituting it for milk.

Juice + carbonated water

juice and soda

You can mix 100% juice with carbonated water (soda) to get a tasty and less expensive drink. Choose a thick and tart juice like pomegranate, cranberry or grape. Pomegranate juice provides vitamin B and C, cranberry juice protects against urinary infection and kidney stones, grape juice provides antioxidants that help in protecting the brain and blood vessels. You can mix one part of juice to three parts of soda for the light but bubbly drink.

Ready to replace soft drinks with healthier drinks?

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