Revealing IWB Fitness Freaks-Fun Facts About Us


Revealing IWB Fitness Freaks-Fun Facts About Us

Its a Fun day today, yayyyy 🙂 . If you read IWB regularly, you would know that we are going to start a new series – IWB Fitness Freaks. Every Friday we will share our favorite tips or suggestions 🙂 Fitness Freaks don’t need an introduction, they are the soul behind IWB.

And the Fitness Freaks Are ……………………….

  • Anamika

  • Kanan

  • Vinita

  • Vrinda

  • Dr.Sahiba

  • Tarun

Let’s unveil some fun facts about them which you did not know 😉 , directly from the horses’ mouth 😀

Fun Facts from Anamika

fitness freaks

I thought I should not be included in this fun fact post as I never knew I had these funny things until Taru made me realise them :P.So here I go

1) I like doing every damn thing you just need to show me and I am all set to do it.Our series of blog is the proof of it.I like fashion, food, makeup , DIYs, Baby care, photography  etc etc and list is endless.Now this has one disadvantage also as I am interested in things only for a while and then I switch to my next interest 😛

2)I can eat or leave any damn thing you only have to tell me that it will help me in lose weight .

3) I have watched  Friends, Mahabharta, Lord of the rings, God father ,Harry potter more than 10 times with my husband K .We never have time for anything but moment it comes to movies we somehow manage it.We postponed work to 3am or 4am so that we can watch movies 😛 .I was in the movie theatre on the 28th day after my c section and till date havent missed any single movie after my daughter was born.

4)I had a big  appetite which somehow I have managed to control.In my teenage days I could eat 1 whole pizza all by myself.5 Breadpakoras use to be my breakfast :P.A maggi every day was my supper.

5) I have a singer voice and all my music teachers wanted me to go to Sa re ga ma pa (remember Sonu nigam show ? ) but my problem is I can’t remember lyrics at all .Till date I have not been able to learn a single song but when it comes to my profit and loss I remember ever damn thing. Talking about being an entrepreneur.:P

6) I shop almost every alternate day and I still think I spend wisely .

7) I always think of movie stars or celebrities and keep thinking how they must be managing home, kids and career as if they are known to me and share their life issues everyday with me

Fun Facts from Kanan

kanan cherub I am one who has fun in every thing…and that’s why may be today i find it difficult to specify a few here 😛

  1. My day begins with the best devilish act of the day …. When I order my black baby ‘Cherub’ (my black Labrador) to wake up the kids and then sit back with a cup of tea and watch all the fighting and fun which includes all kinds of licking, pushing , shouting and running around. 😛
  2. My second best fun moment is making kids eat something they hate, masked under the layers of their favorite dish…. like I made them eat Roe (fish eggs) added in ‘Pao Bhaji’ while in Bhubaneswar. And when they asked me what those white small seeds like thing were, very innocently I answered ‘It’s mashed Paneer with ‘Chaulai’ seeds. And what fun I had to see them gobbling up each bite full of their hated ingredient. Bad Mommy!!! 😛
  3. I am an attention seeker… yes at this age too… (Hey did someone call me Old hag???)  Oh! Yess!!! I love attention and can go to any extent to grab it… see now you know why I lost weight!!! And the attention I am getting nowadays…. Bwhahaha!!!… the attention seeking devil in me is HAAAAPPPPPY. 😀
  4. I am proud  to be the BIGGGGESSSTTTT Drama Queen…. and can do drama at all levels to make things go my way.. (of course with my kids and its most of the time related to make them get up from their Laptops and either study or sleep) … I think all moms of young adults are like that.. Drama Queens.  And nowadays a very common dialogue in the house is… “Mammaaa, Ho gaya aapka!!! Ab drama khatam karo…” Bad kids, no one values talent here…  🙁 see drama again… He he.
  5. My perfect fun moment is right at the time when I go out for walks… Doing Power Walk on the road with your arms moving back and forward vigorously… well that might look odd to other walkers but who cares? You can never enjoy your life if you keep thinking about what others think. My idea of fun is that so I am doing it…… ‘Apna kaam banta, bhaad mein jaye janta…. 😉  and then fun extended is to see some of the regular walkers increasing their speed to cross me and seeing them coming closer, I start jogging … Oh buoy !! great fun… irritating those who are not able to overtake Ahh!! … the pleasure I get ….. nothing else can beat that fun. 😉 So that was a real devilish old woman… but then having fun is my birth right… Can any one deny me that? Well; better dare not  😀  Have Fun, Live Life, Love Life.  🙂

Fun facts from Vinita

My latest pic

  1. While everyone else wants to lose weight I am waiting for the day when my weight will increase from 47 kgs to 50 kgs!!! And look at the irony I am helping every body on our blog to lose weight lol 😛 I was always called a skeleton as a kid. Only when i was 17 years old, people in college asked me ‘How did you put on weight?’
  2. I looooooove dressing up…well nothing new, most girls do!! Love anarkalis a lot and  have a passion for statement rings but I own only two of them 🙁 …. will update my jewellery box soon!
  3. I am a poet!!! I used to write a lot of poems back in school and college. My first poem in Hindi being- Meri maa anokhi maa!!  Writing has been a part of my life since childhood! In class 12 I used to write the preface for everybody’s science project. I used get a handshake in return lol… 😛
  4. My fav movies are Jodha Akbar and Chupke chupke!! Ever since I have watched Jodha Akbar, I want to live like a princess :P. I am head over heels in love with the jewellery and ghaghras!!! My dad always laughs at me when I watch it, he says- ‘You have no other job? Jab dekho Jodha Akbar Jodha Akbar!!! ‘. The truth is that whenever I play the movie he too sits along for a while :P. And what can I say about Chupke chupke…it is a classic…. I know all the dialogues by heart! It may seem weird but I am like that!
  5. I share a very strong bond with my parents, they are the world to me and my Mamma is my best friend. She is able to find out what is running in my mind just by looking at my facial expression. I always tell her ‘ Duniya ki sabse pyari cheez lagte ho mujhe’ to which she replies,’ Tumhari maa hun na isliye tumhe aisa lagta hai!’

Fun facts from Vrinda

vrinda iwb

  1. I have a cleanliness disorder, my husband calls it OCD. I want things in place otherwise I freak out.
  2. I am a workout freak; I feel if I don’t work out for a couple of days, I lose my sheen. So I even worked out in the hotel gym at our honeymoon resort.
  3. I want to quit my job and learn yoga and teach the world.
  4. When I weighed 80 and above kgs, I usually ate 4-5 vada pavs for breakfast alongside cold coffee.
  5. I also contribute to my office magazines on health related topics. The whole floor now calls me a dietician.

Fun facts from Dr.Sahiba

sahiba iwb

  1. I am a big shopaholic. While it is a fun fact for me, but for people around me- I don’t know whether it’s fun for them or not. 😛 Each of my friends and family people have to jhelofy my shopping addiction and I can’t help it. 😉
  2. I am a crazy wanderer. I cannot leave a single opportunity to go roam about with my people. Even if I get 2 hours between my two clinic shifts, I go out to different places and do crazy things with my companions. This is in my nature and I don’t want it to change ever.
  3. I am very spontaneous and I love people who are spontaneous. I do not step back from trying new and different things. If a friend of mine says “Chal balcony se jump karke dekhte hain…” I am like “Chal….” 😛
  4. I use the words baby.. babu.. babe.. a lot in my communication. Be it my girlfriends, my family or anyone close to me they are all termed as baby at some point or the other.. And these are not exclusive love words in my dictionary.
  5. I love coffee and cheese to death. I can remain alive on these two things for like months. 😛 This property of mine takes me to different cafes all around to try different flavours in coffee. This is such a big addiction that I sometimes literally smell of coffee. 😉

Fun Facts from Tarun


  1. Girls usually pose when they are clicked, somehow I can’t resist making faces. The pic above is self explanatory. I had put some other insane pics as well but since I have a ‘not bad’ reputation here, I would confine my madness to myself 😉
  2. I am a bigggg typo queen 😛 . Few of my biggest blunders have been – Ass instead of add( I did this to my boss 🙁 ). Since I switched to iPhone and I am still adapting to it, the auto dictionary added a few more goofups to the list like Hercules instead of her, USA instead of us, dead instead of deed, pooh instead of oooh  , age instead of she which is not even close……. and the list continues. Sigh! I have full sympathies with Ana who is still not used to my typo blunders.
  3. When I explain anything to someone, I start by giving the background. Sometimes the background becomes so long that I forget what I wanted to explain 😛
  4. My favorite pastime has been to hit people, either in reality or imagination depending upon how much patience is in store. In school, I would slap boys every now and then. My mom would face the boys parents and I wont miss the opportunity to tell them to teach a little manners to their boys 😛 😉 . Last time I had hit a man in 2012, n its been going to be two years, woah a long time. Need to break this fast soon 😀 . BTW I have a simple rule, if you try to eve-tease, I will show you around and you wont DARE again !
  5. I am insane in a lot of ways.. I enjoy haters totally 😛 . The moment I sense that a person dislikes me or literally hates me, oooh God I would be the sweetest girl around and they would die thinking how to make me mad 😀 . Hehehehehe hahahahaha huhuuhuhuh, this is my usual devil laugh 😉