Review:Aroma Massage At The Zuri,Bangalore


Review:Aroma Massage At The Zuri,Bangalore

I was yearning for a good body massage since a few months now. I am always scared by massage deals online and also trying a new spa/massage center, reason is understood πŸ˜€ .Β  Finally, after research, I zeroed down to The Zuri, Bangalore.

The Zuri is a luxury 5 star hotel, I don’t think it needs introduction but still πŸ˜› ! There is a spa called Maya Spa at the Zuri. I thought it would be safe and was hoping the experience turns out to be wonderful πŸ™‚ !

Aroma Massage Review At The Zuri,Bangalore

When I reached, I was served with Green Tea at the couch in the reception area. When I finished my tea, the massage lady greeted me andΒ  escorted me to the “Ladies section”. There were 2 different doors from the reception area leading to Ladies and Gents sections.

She gave me keys to a cabinet and asked me to change. The cabinet had all the necessary things – towel, disposable undergarments, disposable slippers, disposable comb, moisturizer. The changing area, bathroom and toilet – all spic and span .. and oozing fragrance !

I went to the massage room, the lady put a towel on me as soon as I lay on the bed , tummy down ! I noticed fragrance whooshing through my nostrils and I noticed a huge bowl of flowers right below my nose. Β Aaaaah, it was heaven !

Review Aroma Massage At The Zuri,Bangalore

The massage went on for an hour or so. The lady kept asking me if the pressure was fine, if I was comfortable. She was a through professional, talked only when I talked. She asked me if I needed a head massage too, neki aur pooch pooch πŸ˜› . She gave me a nice head massage with oil dripping from my head πŸ˜€ . During the last 15 minutes of massage, I slept off πŸ˜› and she woke me up !

I went to the steam room which was kept ready for me, all organized I must say ! Now I was scared thinking how many times would I need to shampoo my hair to remove oil πŸ˜› .

I headed for a shower, the washroom had the perfect shower ! All the things needed- bath gel, shampoo and conditioner were already kept inside the washroom. I just loved the bath gel and moisturizer. I came out of the washroom to find hair dryer plugged in ! I like my hair to dry naturally else they become dry, so I went straight to my cabinet to pull out my belongings.

Overall, I just could not find any faults ! The massage experience at the Zuri was just outstanding ! The ambiance, hospitality and massage – everything was just perfect.

While paying the bill, I noticed pamphlets with list of beauty services,they have a par lour as well that is open for people staying at the Zuri as well as outsiders.

So, people living in Bangalore must try out Maya Spa @ The Zuri. You won’t regret πŸ™‚ !

P.S – I did not take a camera along , next time I will πŸ™‚

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