Review:Natures Bounty Vitamin B12 Supplement India


Review:Natures Bounty Vitamin B12 Supplement India

Heya Everyone,

How was weekend ? Week has just begun and I am counting days awaiting next weekend πŸ™‚Β Thursday I am off, voting day , yayyyy πŸ™‚ ! How i wish Friday was off as well, greedy me πŸ˜› . Don’t forget to vote !

I have been pretty religiously following my diet and taking all my supplements, cheated just once during weekend.. I need a push to exercise though, sometimes I go for walk, sometimes I just roll off in my bed wih my lappi, huh! Need a bigggg push ! Finally my scale is moving down, that the biggest motivation to get up from my bum and exercise !

Anyway, I think I should stop ranting now πŸ˜› . A few days back, we shared an article on IWB about why you must have Vitamin B12, if you missed reading, its here.

Vitamin B12 is a must have for 2 people –

  1. Vegetarians/Deficient in Vitamin B12
  2. People who are trying to lose weight

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Since I belong to both the above categories, I take Vitamin B12 supplement daily. By the way, my test reports revealed that I am deficient in Vitamin B12 and the doctor told me almost all the vegetarians are deficient in Vitamin V12.

Best Vitamin B12 Supplement India-Natures Bounty Sublingual Liquid B12 Complex

Review:Natures Bounty Vitamin B12 Supplement India


Its a liquid supplement , you need to hold 1 ml of this supplement under your toungue before swallowing it. I admit it tastes yukkk, something like Glycodin cough syrup πŸ™

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I have carried this bottle in my bag and its thankfully leak proof. The bottle has a dropper which helps you to measure the right amount.

Its easily available online and offline at leading pharmacy stores.

Dosage and Warning

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Rs 895. Natures Bounty Sublingual Liquid B12 Complex is pretty affordable. The bottle has 59 dozes which will almost last you two months.

Apart from the taste, I have no complains with Natures Bounty Sublingual Liquid B12 Complex.

If you belong to any of the above 2 categories, you must start taking vitamin B12. It has various other important functions in our body apart from kick-starting weight loss.

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Do you take any Vitamin B12 supplement ? If yes, share with us πŸ™‚


  1. Hi Tarun.. HWatz the price… is it available in any site / is it avaible in med shops….?

    Also is this available in pills form… liquid is a bit difficult (for the Mr)…

  2. Hey Dee, updated the price :). This is available on at Rs 805.
    Yes, you can have tablets too, get this one zenith nutritions methylcobalamin from This has 100 pills and abt Rs 400 i think. You can use my personal discount coupon code topzen26 for further discounts on zenith products.

  3. Amrita, you cannot lose weight with this condition.. or let me rephrase … not as fast as you would do with proper vitamin B12. Get your hands on any of the 2 products mentioned in my comment above.

  4. Thanks for the appreciation Dee πŸ™‚
    wow hairfab also ? I have already finished 2 bottles πŸ™‚

  5. Bought it… but am not using it (yet)… my bro is using it… (gave it to him as his B’Day present…) and he is finding it very useful…. thanx to U… need to place two more…

  6. πŸ™‚ i am glad i cud help. This reminds me that I need to click my hair after I finish this bottle πŸ˜€

  7. Hey Tarun… need help… if the product is already on discount… will this code (topzen26) not work….

  8. Dee, it works even if the product is on discount. The only thing is it works for Zenith only. which product are you trying ?

  9. Zenith hairfab, memoryfab and fabslim and … yeah… another brand was included… now its working… these products are on 20% discount… when the code is applied it is changing to 26%… thanx…

  10. wow, i am using fabslim. Its been only 10 days , so i have not reviewed it. Want to test it for another 20 days, but it seems to be working πŸ™‚
    you also dont forget to share your experience with all the products that you are buying πŸ™‚

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