Rice Diet For Weight Loss-Does it work?


Rice Diet For Weight Loss-Does it work?

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Rice is an excellent source of energy as it is rich in carbs that are needed for the brain to function right and for all types of physical activities that you have to do all day long.

What the rice diet claims?

Now let us talk about the rice diet. In spite of the name ‘rice diet’, the diet is not just about rice. It involves eating starchy food. It is a quick weight loss diet that can help you lose 10-15 kg in a month’s time. It is nothing new as it was developed back in 1939 but for treating kidney diseases. However, it has also helped thousands of patients in getting relief from diabetes, hypertension and other diseases. The diet involves eating rice as the main food. It works like other fasting diets by cleaning out the harmful toxins from the body.

In the rice diet, the first day is dedicated to detoxify your body totally. You might have a headache, which is just temporary and will not last long. After completing the first week of the diet, you can get rid of acne, arthritis and other health conditions that occur due to accumulation of toxins.

Foods to eat and avoid in the rice diet

Seeds, beans, veggies, fruits, iron and vitamins supplements are allowed during the rice diet. The food items that are forbidden during the rice diet include processed & packaged foods, sugar, salt, fats, proteins and foods high in calories. The dieters are asked not to eat at all but for fish. Occasional indulgence in meat is allowed but it should be lean meat. You can even have juices occasionally but without added sugar.

Rice diet is a low sodium diet

The average daily consumption of sodium is 4000-5000 mg. The rice diet claims to bring it down to 500 mg per day. Sodium or salt are something that are least preferred in this diet. When salt enters the body, it swells up and makes your body get swelled up too. People who suffer from kidney issues and diabetes should stay away from it. For your body to function right, you require less than half a gram of sodium per day.

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Low fat and protein diet

The rice diet recommends consumption of 5 g of fat and 20 g of protein every day. It helps lose weight and acquire a healthy body.

The 3 phases of the rice diet

The rice diet has 3 phases. The initial phase of the diet is quite restrictive but as you carry on with the diet, you will be allowed to add a variety of food items to it.

Phase one

The first phase is the beginning of this diet plan and lasts for about a week. You will get nutrients and energy from 5 percent fats, 6 percent proteins and 89 percent carbs.

Phase two

This phase is also for a week. In this phase, the amounts of nutrients get raised. You consume 7 percent of fats, 13 percent of proteins and 80 percent of carbs.

Phase three

This one is the maintenance phase and it will last all your life! You should consume 1200 calories a day with 10-20 percent of fats, 15 percent of proteins and 65-75 percent of carbs.

Does the rice diet work?

Being a 1,200 calorie, whole food diet, it will help in weight loss. However, following a strict and low-calorie diet like this is tough. It is difficult to follow plus can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Reducing protein in your diet will lead to loss of muscle mass and will not keep your belly full. Though the plan claims to detoxify, there is no evidence that detox diets really help in removing toxins.

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