Rice Flour – Is It Healthy?


Rice Flour – Is It Really Healthy?

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Do you like eating rice or roti? Your preference will change with your geographical location. Rice is a common grain in India and it is enjoyed by all. However, the Southern states of India simply can’t live without rice as it is a staple food. They use rice flour too in numerous recipes!  Are you wondering why it is used so much? This post will answer your questions as it is all about the health benefits of rice flour.

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Rice flour is gluten free

Another flour to join the gluten-free bandwagon! Rice flour is gaining popularity in the Western world as many people are developing gluten intolerance and are on a look out for alternatives. Gluten, as you must be aware of, is a protein present in grains such as wheat and rye. You need to avoid it if you suffer from celiac disease.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder. Those who have this condition need to strictly remove gluten from their diet because it damages the small intestine.

Research is being carried out on the effect of gluten on those suffering from autism. The results are inconsistent but some people have removed gluten from the diets of their autistic kids just as a precaution.

If you are on a gluten-free diet, wheat flour can be replaced with rice flour. It is a suitable and healthy replacement.


Rice flour is said to be high in protein content. The flour from brown rice has a higher amount of B vitamins. You must be wondering about the difference between brown and white rice. The basic difference between the two is the husk. When the husk is removed during milling, you get white rice. In brown rice, the husk is left intact. This makes brown rice a better selection. It has more amount of fibre, minerals (zinc and calcium) and vitamins. You want to know more about brown rice?  Click here!


Dietary fibre is an extremely essential part of every diet plan. Rice is said to contain insoluble fibre in it and that is the substance that helps in removing waste stuff out of the intestines. Experts say that a diet high in fibre helps in lowering cholesterol and improving levels of blood sugar. It also promotes regular bowel movements.

Brown rice is known to have more fibre than white rice and it is all because of the husk. You can actually think of replacing wheat with brown rice if you want to lose weight. A fibre rich diet helps you feel full for longer and reduces your hunger pangs. The additional fibre that you get from rice flour can help in lowering the risk of diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, diverticular disease and colon disease.

Choose brown rice over white rice

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It would better to go in for brown rice flour instead of white rice flour. Fibre, as mentioned above, is one reason and the other reason is that white rice is stripped of the essential nutrients due to milling and polishing. Do you know that the procedures destroy 67 percent of the vitamin B3, 80 percent of vitamin B1, 90 percent of vitamin B6, half of the manganese and phosphorus, 60 percent of the iron and whole of the dietary fibre and fats?

Hope you liked this post on benefits of rice flour!

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