The Right Time To Drink Water – What is it?


What Is The Right Time To Drink Water?

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Everyone tells you that you need to drink water but have they ever told you what is the right time to drink water? Probably not!

Here is a small morning ritual that will help you be more energetic, have a better brain function and even be able to burn body fat! Yes, this is the water drinking ritual that you need to perform every morning!

It is such a small thing that so many people are not paying heed to. If you really want to increase your energy, productivity and ability to lose fat, you should give this practice of drinking water in the morning a try.

Hot water diet for weight loss

When you sleep at night, there are huge amounts of cellular repair, assimilation and detoxification going in your body. For instance, take your brain, researchers have discovered recently that the brain’s detoxification system is 10 times more active during your sleep than when you are awake.

Every second the brain completes thousands of different processes that build up a lot of waste that has to be cleared out. Waking up in the morning gives you a golden opportunity to help your body take the waste out.

You need to drink 600 to 800 ml of water to help your body flush out the metabolic wastes. Do you know that every process in the body needs water? When you are up in morning, you are dehydrated due to all the repair and cleaning that happens inside the body the whole night. So, you need to drink more water to set everything right.

woman-drinking-water dehydration causes

Water consumption and the fat loss link

When you drink 600 to 800 ml of water first thing in the morning, it has its effects on fat loss. It is because of water-induced thermogenesis. It gives your metabolism a fortified boost as your body works to heat up and process the water consumed by you but this happens only when you consume the right amount.

Studies reveal that drinking 500 ml of water increases the rate of metabolism by 30%. The increase starts within 10 minutes and hits the peak after 30 to 40 mins. The total calorie burn is 24 calories. So, just by drinking water you are burning calories, isn’t it amazing?

Make drinking water even more exciting

If you feel that plain water is too boring, try to add a pinch of Himalayan salt to it. What people don’t understand is that water is a liquid crystal (and that is why it gets frozen) and a powerful solvent that integrates itself with whatever it comes in contact with. So, minerals from high quality salt give some structure or data to water and make it more hydrating.

water lime mint

You can also add fresh fruits and veggies to it. The electrons from the fresh produce effectively help in adding a hydrating charge to water. You can make your own detox water by adding things like berries, fresh mint, cucumber slices and the kind for a nice boost.

So the last word is: Stay hydrated!

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