5 Myths About The Right Time To Eat Fruits Busted!

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5 Myths About The Right Time To Eat Fruits Busted!

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Ever wondered about the right time to eat fruits? You would have and immediately looked it up on google. The sad news is that everything on the internet is not true. There is a lot of misinformation present there.

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Presenting the common myths about the right time to eat fruits:

Myth no 1:  Eat fruit on an empty stomach every time

This is a very common myth when it comes to eating fruit. It claims that when you eat fruit with meals, your digestion slows down and that causes food to stay in your stomach and rot/ferment.  It is also claimed that consuming fruits with your meals is what causes discomfort and gas!

The truth: It is true that the fibre present in fruit can slow down the release of the food from your stomach but the remaining claims are false.

Fruit may cause your belly to empty slower than usual but it won’t make food sit in there indefinitely and rot. Also, slowing down of the emptying of your stomach is good. It will help you feel full for a longer time period and make you consume fewer calories in the long run.

Rest assured as the food in your stomach will not rot because of eating fruits. The stomach is made to prevent bacterial growth, which causes the rotting. The stomach’s acid does not let most microbes grow.

The rest of the claims stating that eating fruit with meals causes bloating, discomfort and diarrhea are also misleading.

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Myth no 2: The fruit’s nutrient value gets reduced when you eat it before or after your meal

The above myth is linked to myth no 1 and it claims that you have to eat a fruit on an empty stomach to enjoy its nutritional benefits. It is said that the nutrients get lost if the fruit is eaten either before or after a meal. However, it is not true!

The truth: The human body is quite efficient in extracting nutrients from food. When you eat your food, the stomach plays the role of a reservoir by releasing only small amounts of food at a time so that the intestines can digest it easily. The intestines absorb nutrients really well. So, it does not matter if you are having your fruit on an empty stomach or with a meal.

Myth No 3: Diabetics should eat fruit 1 to 2 hours before or after a meal

The truth: The above is a bad piece of advice for those who suffer from diabetes. There exists no scientific evidence to support the fact that eating fruits separately from a meal helps in improving digestion.

For someone with diabetes, fruits should be eaten with a meal or as a snack along with protein, fibre or fat. This is because fibre and fat will make the stomach release food more slowly into the small intestine.

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Myth no 4: The afternoon is the best time to eat fruit

It is said that metabolism slows down by afternoon and by eating a food with sugar present in it, such as a fruit, your blood sugar levels increase and the digestive system wakes up.

The truth: This idea is totally illogical and no evidence exists to back it. The truth is that any food having carbs increases blood sugar no matter what the time of the day is! The digestive system need not be woken up as it is always ready to jump into action the moment you take a bite.

So, fruit can be consumed at any time of the day!

Myth no 5: Don’t eat fruit after 2 pm

This myth seems to contradict myth no 4. It is believed that eating fruit or carbs after 2 pm will raise your blood sugar and the body cannot stabilize it before bedtime. And this causes weight gain.

The truth: This myth is totally spineless. The truth is that any food with carbs in it will raise your blood sugar. However, there is no evidence to support the fact that your blood will rise more after 2 pm when compared to other times of the day.

Eating fruit in the afternoon will also not cause weight gain! So, you need not fear!

What is the right time to eat fruits?

You can eat fruits at any time during the day. Period.

Hope you find this post useful!

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