5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge Ends-Right Way To Eat Sweets In a Long Run


5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge Ends-Right Way To Eat Sweets In a Long Run

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Hello Everyone,

Today is the last day of 5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge. You can relish sweet tomorrow, good news for people who just love eating sweet 😛 . Well, there is nothing wrong in eating sweets, but in moderation and at the right time. People usually eat sweet after meals not sparing the dinner too. Someone I know always asks after food – “Kuch meetha hai kya ”  lol .

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Right Way To Eat Sweets In a Long Run

1. Understand that sweets themselves are a meal. They are not to eaten after “meal”. If you are craving for a sweet, have them alone. Do not torture your tummy first by eating a full fledged meal and finishing with a sweet.

2. Do NOT have sweet at night. Our metabolism drops at night, this is how our biological cycle meant to be.

3. The best time to have sweet is early in the day. I know you would say you can’t have mithai for breakfast 😛 , well you can at least have before the sun sets. Isn’t?

4. When you have sweet, compensate on rest of your meals. 1 small piece of mithai could be as much as 400 calories which is 1/3rd of your total caloric requirement of 1200 a day. Hmmph.

5. Not all sugar is equal. Sugar in natural foods like fruits is way healthier than sugar in gulabjamun.

6. Control portion. If you are craving for sweet, try killing your craving. If you can’t, have a bit of sweet. Craving is satiated even with 1 piece of barfi, you don’t need to have 8-10 pieces to satisfy your sweet tooth.

In short, try to eat foods closer to nature. God made fruits, humans created sweets. Its in your hands if you wish to eat things that are real or the ones that we created artificially.

I hope these 5 days of Sweet Tooth challenge would have brought a bit of self- control and helped at least a cent. May everyone have a healthy n happy life!



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