Rising air pollution in New Delhi can lead to respiratory problems


Rising air pollution in New Delhi can lead to respiratory problems

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Today I am here to discuss a grave issue and that is air pollution in New Delhi. There has been a sharp decline in the air quality of the Indian capital much to the dismay of Delhiites. Doctors are quite concerned about the same as it can lead to a rise in respiratory illnesses, especially amongst those individuals who are already suffering from a pre-existing respiratory illness.

Rising air pollution in New Delhi can lead to respiratory problems

It is being said that the situation is similar to the ‘Great Smog’ in London way back in Dec 1952.

An AIIMS doctor said that things can turn acute if immediate measures are not taken. The doctor’s warning should not be taken lightly as in the 1952 smog, 4000 people lost their lives to respiratory ailments. The British authorities were forced to get industrial units and schools closed down. The public was asked not to visit certain places. In New Delhi’s case no such drastic measures have been taken. Doctors are saying that patients are trying to stay indoors or leaving the city for a short period. They are also being asked to stay indoors during the early morning and evening hours as the pollution is at its peak then.


What the pollutants do?

It is not only breathing that gets affected in the presence of pollutants, they cause more trouble too! When a person inhales, the heavier pollutants get stuck in the upper part of the respiratory tract causing sore throats and coughs. The smaller pollutants cause infection in the lower part of the respiratory tract. High levels of pollution are also linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Having high levels of pollution persistently can negatively affect the recovery period of patients who are already suffering from respiratory illnesses.

The risk is higher in the case of children

Children are more vulnerable to be affected by air pollution as they breathe more times in a minute than adults and take in a greater volume of air. According to a global report, air pollutants that produce only a slight response in an adult has the potential of affecting a child significantly as the airways of a young child are still developing.

Can air purifiers help?

In such a situation, can air purifiers provide help? Experts have varied opinions on this. It is said that there is no data present to show that air purifiers can reduce the impact of pollution on health. Medical experts are of the opinion that it is even more important to address issues like vehicular pollution and burning of agricultural waste. While that needs the action of officials, at the individual level people can avoid peak traffic hours and crowded areas to protect themselves.

Just like New Delhi, other metropolitan cities are also facing the wrath of air pollution. Well, on our part, we should use more of public transport and make car pooling a norm. By car pooling, you can also save your petrol and diesel expenses. You can cover short distances on a cycle. There is nothing better than cycling as it is a good workout for you and at the same time it will prevent your city from getting caught in the evil clutches of air pollution.

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