4 Risky Drug Combinations


Risky Drug Combinations


Many of us have some sort of health problem and are on medication for the same. Many consume supplements too in order to fill in nutritional voids.

Unfortunately, we forget that mixing medicine, supplements and products available over the counter without consulting a doctor or pharmacist can cause dangerous drug interactions.

How self medication can be dangerous

Research says that the older adults between the age of 62 and 85 use potentially risky combos of prescription medicines, supplements and over-the-counter products. Also there has been an increase in supplement usage without proper education about supplement safety. That is a huge issue as supplements change how the prescription medicines work.

Here are some risky drug combinations that you should be aware of.


Warfarin does not go well with omega 3 supplements, garlic supplements, naproxen and aspirin.

Warfarin is a prescription blood thinner that reduces the risk of clotting but omega 3 supplements, garlic supplements as well as over the counter pain pills having naproxen or aspirin have a similar effect. This can increase the risk of bleeding. You can suffer from internal bleeding if there is not enough clotting activity. However, don’t worry about eating garlic or fish as in supplements the active ingredients are gigantic when compared to what is found in actual food.


This medicine does not go well with potassium supplements. It is a blood pressure medicine that works by relaxing blood vessels to allow better blood flow. People with high blood pressure hear that potassium helps in regulating BP and they feel that they are not getting enough so they take potassium supplements. Little do they known that it will do more harm than good. Excess of potassium in the blood results in muscle fatigue, abnormal heart beat and paralysis!


Statins does not go well along vitamin B3, warfarin and amlodipine. Statins and vitamin B3 was earlier prescribed together to lower high cholesterol. However, it has been found that taking high doses of vitamin B3 along with statins leads to muscle tissue disease and also kidney failure. Recently the FDA has rolled back its recommendation to take the 2 together. Some heart patients might be benefitted when they take prescription blood-thinners with statins. However, this combination can cause muscle pain as well as kidney failure. But when the dosage is adjusted, the benefits can outweigh the risks when your doctor is closely monitoring you.

Clopidogrel bisulphate

Clopidogrel bisulphate does not go well with aspirin and naproxen. Clopidogrel bisulphate prevents blood clots but what would happen if you have a headache and want to pop in a painkiller such as aspirin and naproxen? Combining them can cause an internal bleeding risk.

Just be careful about what you are consuming. And please don’t pretend to be a doctor. Self-medication is extremely dangerous. Follow your doctor’s advice to the T. After all, health is wealth. Take good care of it.


Disclaimer: This information does not take precedence over medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor to get your doubts cleared.

Hope you found this post on Risky Drug Combinations useful!

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