RiteBite Max Protein Bar Is Full Of Sugar-Shocking Review!


RiteBite Max Protein Bar Is Full Of Sugar-Shocking Review!

Hello everyone!

People usually go in for protein bars as a post workout snack. It is definitely a good idea but do you actually know what is there inside your protein bar. Very less number of people take the pain of reading labels carefully and understanding what food companies are actually doing. I happened to buy a protein bar from the famous RiteBite company. They call it Max Protein. It seemed like a good bet initially but the ugly face dawned on me after reading the list of ingredients.

ritebite max protein bar reviewLet us do the review the right way! Before jumping on to the negatives let me give you the details of the product.

The price

It is Rs.90 for a 70 g bar

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The taste

I had picked up the honey lemon flavour which was pretty good.


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Now comes the part where I was shell shocked! No, their 20 g protein claim is true but you need to look at the carbs it has!!! A 70 g bar has 24.4g of net carbs and 11.4 grams of it come from sugar!!! Now can you call this healthy by any standard? So much sugar!

Another big reason to worry is that they have added things like vegetable oil, fructose, invert syrup, yoghurt powder and the like that sound very processed. How can processed food be so healthy? Yes, they have added flax seeds, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants but they can’t undo the effects of processed raw material, am I right? There is one ingredient with a long name Fructooligosaccharides, it is used to enhance taste and is a sweetener. But why add another sweetener when there is sugar and fructose already in the bar.

That was my take on this bar!!!

Now tell me in which situation does a person rely on a health bar?

Situation no 1: While traveling. You can carry it easily and it is mess free. But eating a fruit makes more sense. You can easily carry dried fruits, nuts and apples in your hand bag. At least they do not have any added sugar and sweeteners!

Situation no 2: As a snack after workout. It would be much better to have a protein powder that contains zero carbs. You can even have an egg as a post workout snack. It is loaded with good quality protein!

Situation no 3: You love snacking on bars. Okay, agreed you like eating health bars as snacks but why should you go in for a protein bar that has so many carbs and processed ingredients? Yes, a post workout snack can have carbs because at that time the metabolism is at its peak. If you are lured by the 20 g of protein provided by the bar, don’t be! You can get that 20 g of protein from natural food too.

Quest protein bars are much better than RiteBite bars as they have only 3 to 5 gram of net carbs. I agree they are on the costlier side each bar costs Rs 120 to 150 and RiteBite is Rs.90 but investing in the right thing is essential for the upkeep of good health and you know that good health is priceless.

The last word

RiteBite Max Protein Bar is no good! I don’t recommend it for anyone.

Rating…. 1/5

After reading this are you going to go in for RiteBite Max Protein Bar?

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