RiteBite Max Protein Bar Review


RiteBite Max Protein Bar Review

Heya Beautiful Readers,

How was your weekend? Mine was super tiring! And now I dread the upcoming week 🙁

This weekend when I went for grocery shopping, my eyes stopped at a counter which said – Healthy Protein Bars. I picked up two from them to check how healthy they are and if I can use them for my post workout snack.

One of them is a flagship product from the company RiteBite. This is called Max Protein. I picked up Honey Lemon flavor. Let’s see how good is RiteBite Max Protein Bar.

ritebite max protein bar review

RiteBite Max Protein Bar Review

The first thing that I noticed when I picked up Max Protein Bar was 20g protein declaration screaming aloud 🙂 . The second screaming title was Hi-fiber. Oooh yeah I was hell excited!


Rs 90 for 70 grams bar


It tastes pretty good!


ritebite max protein bar review (2)

ritebite max protein bar review (3)

ritebite max protein bar review (4)

My take on RiteBite Max Protein Bar

Honestly RiteBite Max Protein Bar is pretty disappointing. 20 grams protein claim is true! But what about whopping carbohydrates? This 70 grams bar has 24.4 grams net carbohydrates out of which 11.4 grams is Sugar. Ooooh noooooooo !

Another complain I have is the ingredient list! Edible vegetable oil, invert syrup, fructose, yogurt powder sounds so processed to me. I don’t understand how flax seeds, added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants would help with the presence of processed raw materials. I am also confused about Fructooligosaccharides which is used to enhance taste since its a sweetener. But the bar already has so much sugar in it and fructose too!

Let’s try to understand when does a person eat a bar.

One-During travel. I think a fruit which is natural would make more sense to me. Even if you are travelling long distances, you can carry apples/dry fruits.

Two-As a post workout snack. I think whey protein powder with zero carbs makes more sense rather than having a bar. You can check out amway nutrilite protein powder  and QNT metapure zero carb whey isolate !

Three-You love eating bars!

Take the third scenario, even if you love eating bars and feel that your protein dose must come from it(although its not the wisest idea) , why eating a bar which has so much carbohydrates. I understand that a post workout meal can have carbohydrates since the metabolism is at its peak after a workout. I find it stupid to have a post workout snack which has processed ingredients and 20 grams protein which I can have from whey or any good protein supplement or say any natural food like eggs!

If I take a scenario that eating bar is the only option I have, I would rather invest in Quest Protein Bars which have 3-5 gram net carbs. Quest bar costs from Rs 120-150 whereas RiteBite Max Protein Bar costs Rs 90. I would rather spend on Quest bars since they are way better in nutrition than RiteBite Max Protein Bar.

Therefore, RiteBite Max Protein Bar is totally a bummer for me!

Whats your opinion about RiteBite Max Protein Bar? Do let me know!

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