Tennis Champ Roger Federer’s Diet And Fitness Secrets


Tennis Champ Roger Federer’s Diet And Fitness Secrets

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We usually write about the fitness secrets of movie stars both from Hollywood and Bollywood. We haven’t looked deep into the fitness and diet secrets of sports personalities. Today let’s have a look at the fitness secrets of the 17 times Grand Slam champion- Roger Federer. He seems to be so fit physically!

Roger Federer’s Diet And Fitness Secrets

His form and fitness is the result of his acute dedication and hard work but the credit should also go to his strength and conditioning coach, Pierre Paganini. He is responsible for shaping Federer’s workout schedule that has always kept the layer at the top of the ATP ranking for more than 10 years now!

Fitness training

Roger and Pierre are good friends and that matters. Their fitness training sessions are for about 100 hours every tennis season. Before each tournament or when the Tennis star needs to stay fit continuously during off season, his coach makes him work out for more than 10 hours every week.

Roger’s exercise plan is a fusion of different workouts like weight lifting, sprints, endurance runs, lateral lunges, core body strength training along with assorted gym routines and muscle training. Skipping is also a part of his workout as it keeps the Tennis star’s footwork fluid and precise. There are more varied exercises that keep things in place.

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Diet plan

Food is fuel and matters a lot for sportspersons. Let us begin with fluids. Roger’s need for fluid is usually more whether he is training or when he playing the game. Moving around in the court with great intensity keeps the sweat rates high. It is also a known fact that tennis matches run for several hours in scorching temperatures. This makes drinking ample amounts of fluid a priority. It becomes essential to stay hydrated to perform optimally both while training or while playing a game.

Federer is not just after perfection in his game, he wants to achieve excellence even in his food. Sports dietician say that slowly consumed, high fibre and well timed meals and snacks help in avoiding overeating. Roger is served a high-carbohydrate, low-fibre, low-fat, meal about 2 to 3 hours before a game. Such a meal comprises of low fat milk and breakfast cereal or pancakes with syrup. Other options include pasta or rice along with tomato sauce or a milkshake meal loaded with ingredients that are rich in energy. Well, sportspersons need their carbs as they are going to be in action once they step into the field. Their nutritional needs are quite different from that of yours and mine.

There are also post-game recovery foods that are loaded with carbs in order to top up the body’s lost stores of glycogen in muscles. The carbs are combined with sources of lean protein in order to speed up the repairing process and the growth of muscle tissue.

Now, coming to sleep; do you know that Federer sleeps for 10 hours a day! Yes, sleep is very important for fitness. It helps in relaxing the muscles and repair muscles. Sleep also heals the fatigue a sportsperson’s body has to face.

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