Rope Skipping-The Best Exercise For Weight Loss?


Rope Skipping-The Best Exercise For Weight Loss?

Rope Skipping is one of those sports which all age groups of girls enjoy with their friends especially in childhood.  And this sport is a great cardio workout as it gives immense strength to your calves, hips, thighs and hands. I used to skip rope regularly and then I stopped and switched to yoga.

Rope Skipping-The Best Exercise For Weight Loss?

Athletes, sports people, and celebrities use rope skipping technique for weight loss and to give an amazing shape to the lower half of the body. It tones almost the whole body which is great way to maintain great body shape if you are already fit. You can burn upto 700 calories in 40 min to one hour depending on the speed and technique used.

 The Best Exercise For Weight Loss

How to start Rope Skipping

  • Slow and steady wins the race. No need to exert yourself and end up with sore muscles. So start slow and increase your pace.
  • Don’t completely rely on this alone and mix match few other cardio workouts like walking or running for rapid weight loss.
  • The rope is the basic necessity; it should be strong and made of good material. Keep your height in mind. Wire ones work best. Get a good grip on the handles and start swinging above your head and jumping when it comes to your feet. You can do for 5 to 7 minutes at first if you are a beginner and then rest.

Basic Precautions:

  • Ask your doctor before hand if skipping would be good for you.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as the pressure is maximum on your calves and knees. Shoes absorb the extra pressure from ground or else you might end up with knee pains at an early age.

Types and techniques in skipping:

1. Knees Up:

In this technique you alternate jumping on one knee and the next round with other. Raise your knee as much as possible. This works out your thighs.

2. The Bounce Step:

This is the most basic. You literally just bounce jumping with both legs together and this can be developed into a good momentum for extra calorie burning.

3. Power Jump:

You jump with both legs but you try to jump the distance too. Jump as far as possible. You need an open space or a big room for this technique. It increases your heart capacity and leg strength.

4. The Skier:

This is similar to the previous one except that you do it with one leg at a time and over short distances.

5. The Cross:

As the rope comes above your head, cross your hands and then jump… It works out your upper body as well and chest muscles especially.

Benefits of Rope Skipping

1. High calorie burn value

2. Balance and co ordination is increased. You become more flexible

3. No money involved except for the rope

4. Tones your whole body and you can get those beautiful hips you always craved

5. It also improves the muscle tone of both the upper and lower body.

6. It balances your weight and prevents osteoporosis.

Other combinations with skipping:

You can do simultaneous workouts to increase your weight loss pace.

 Skipping, Jogging:

Use the rope as you jog and jump as high as you can as you go forward. This gives good strength to your waist and chest muscles

Hopping Rope, Single Foot:

Use one foot to jump and keep other bended perpendicular to your knees. This helps strengthening individual parts.

Alternating Lunges:

This is done by bending as much as you can while jumping so as to work out your thighs and calves.


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