What Rujuta Diwekar Says about Ghee?


Rujuta Diwekar On Ghee!

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There is someone to whom everyone listens with rapt attention and that woman is ‘Rujuta Diwekar’. She is India’s top nutritionist and has written 3 books on weight loss and nutrition so far. There is no prize for guessing that they all have been best-sellers!

What Rujuta Diwekar Says about Ghee?


Ghee’ – what is your first reaction to it? ‘Oh! It is fattening!’ you may say but do you know What Rujuta Diwekar Says about Ghee? She says that when you add ghee to your food, it helps in reducing the glycemic index of your food? Most people give up ghee the moment they come to know that they are diabetic. But all this is just about reduction of calories without caring about the fact that from where the calories come up from and what effect they have on the blood sugar levels.

Diseases like obesity, diabetes and PCOD are the outcome of insulin resistance and the way out is to eat meals that have a low GI or glycemic index.

ghee does not nake you fat

She says that in our Indian culture there are combos like roti-shakkar-ghee, dal-chawal-ghee, puran-poli-ghee and so many more! Ghee is having such an essential place in our heritage because it is ghee that reduces glycemic index of the meals mentioned. The science is that adding any kind of fat to food reduces it glycemic index, ghee is said to top the charts in this regard. Ghee just doesn’t stop with being the world’s highest-functioning fat. It works as a great partner to other foods; it complements them perfectly.

Ghee helps in regulating blood sugar and reducing the risk of developing metabolic syndrome. It ensures that the rise in blood sugar is slow and steady so that there are better energy levels during the day. If you feel the afternoon slump, you should add ghee in your lunch. Ghee is said to not just fight obesity and diabetes but also prevent heart diseases. If you happen to be suffering with these health conditions already, you would be glad to know that ghee still comes to your rescue.

The same wisdom applies to deep-frying with ghee too. You usually make mathris and shakkar para in maida, right? Maida is a fibre-less, simple carbohydrate, so how do you enjoy them without affecting your blood sugar? Ghee is the answer! Deep frying them in ghee will keep the GI down!

When the climb of blood sugar is slow and steady, it is easier for the body to assimilate the herbs and spices present in the meals. Ghee is great as a cooking medium because it has one of the highest smoke points. A smoke point is a measure of fast a fat gets oxidized when heated.

Are you even aware of the fact that each time you bake or use a different method of cooking that robs the food of ghee or other healthy fats, the GI of your meal stays high? This directly means that you age faster and have higher chances of suffering from metabolic syndrome. Still want to use the air-fryer?

Reference: www.ndtv.com

Isn’t all this eye-opening? Agree with What Rujuta Diwekar Says about Ghee?

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