How Much Should You Run For Weight Loss?


How Much Should You Need To Run For Weight Loss?

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Time and again you are reminded that you must watch what you eat and exercise well to maintain a normal weight. It may seem easy but it is not. Life these days is such that it is just impossible to stay on track.

What is the way out? You must have heard that running is the best way to lose kilos. It torches calories and is good for mental, physical and emotional well being. Moreover, it is low-cost, you just have to buy yourself a pair of running shoes.

Now, the question is- how much you have to run for weight loss?

Running for weight loss

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For the average individual, running at a comfortable pace burns 8.5 calories every minute. Running for 30 mins can burn about 255 calories. In comparison, yoga is said to burn just 120 calories per 30 mins. This may make you think that the more you run, the more number of calories you burn and shed kilos. However, the truth is that the more you run, the more efficient your body becomes in burning fewer calories. This is when interval running enters the scene.

Lose weight with interval running

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For beginners, running even for 30 mins continuously might seem impossible. This is when there is a need for walk-run method of training. It actually helps in burning calories at a higher rate. Alternating between running and walking not just extends the duration of the workout but allows you to run faster and harder. This increases the burning of calories during and after the workout.

You read that right! After high-intensity intervals, your metabolism gets revved up and you keep burning calories for upto 14 hours after you stop running. Interval workouts are chosen by runners of all levels and abilities so that they make most out their workouts.

Remember one thing that as your metabolism gets revved up with running, your hunger will increase and make you to eat even more calories than you torched with the workout.

How much should you run for weight loss?

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Half a kilo of fat has about 3,500 calories. If you want to lose 2.5 kilos, you would need to run 180 miles if you don’t change anything else in your lifestyle. You need to make smart choices. Half a kilo a week is a safe way to lose weight if you weigh less than 75 kilos. However, if you weigh more than 75 kilos, you can lose upto 1 kilo a week. You need to create a 500 calorie per day deficit by exercising and restricting calories.

Research says that those who lose quickly also gain it all back quickly. However, the ones who lose weight slowly make lifestyle changes that keep the weight off for good.

How to use running to lose upto a kilo a week?

Begin by doing brisk walking for 10 in order to warm up. Once ready, start running for 2 mins followed by walking for a minute. After the 1 min walk, run again for 2 mins and then walk for another one minute. Repeat this as many times as possible and cool down with an easy 10 min walk to bring your heart rate back to normal.

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