4 Running Mistakes You Make Too Often


Running Mistakes You Make Too Often


You are here reading this post because you have been having a hard time whenever you hit the pavement or simply love running and want to gather all the knowledge in the world about it!

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There are a lot of tiny factors that get into becoming a successful runner who is free from injuries. Here are the most common running mistakes committed by people and the ways to mend them:

1) Allowing your ego enter the scene

Everyone loves to be that person who runs for 5 miles non-stop. However, you should realize that running is an art and it would take time to master it. Also running too hard and too fast can lead to injuries.

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The problem is that many first timers or semi-seasoned runners try to compare themselves with whom they see. Injuries happen when runners don’t give themselves time to start from the bottom.


Try to run for a mile at a comfortable pace. The next time you run a mile, try beating that pace. It is the right way to progress and improve your personal record. As a runner, you can gauge where you actually are.

2) Not tying your shoe laces

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Okay! This sounds like something really foolish to do but let me tell you that people do it! Many runners just put in their feet in the sneakers that they tied a long time back and keep slipping in and out of the shoes all the while. You need to take a moment and adjust the shoe and tie the laces again.

After all, you need to avoid the discomfort and keep injury at bay. For that you have to take care of your feet as they have a connection with the ground.

3) Not doing strength training

It is important to log in miles but cross-training is equally important in acing your running, whether is a just a couple of mile or a complete marathon. Most runners preparing for a race focus either on the number of miles they are able to complete or the time taken to complete that distance. This sort of a training leads to injuries like hamstring tears, joint pain and meniscus displacement.

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In order to complement your running, you must take up swimming, yoga and weight lifting. With dead lifts, leg curls, and leg extensions, you will strengthen the hamstrings and quads that will lead to greater power and speed. Swimming helps in regulating breathing. Yoga helps in realigning your spine and lengthening the muscles in the quadriceps.

4) Wearing the wrong footwear

Revisiting the footwear part of running, even if you tie your shoes every time you wear them, it doesn’t help if you are wearing the wrong pair.

Your shoes can be ill-fitting or of a fashionable design not suitable for running. It would be better to visit a store that specializes in running shoes and get the right shoe fitting by a specialist who will also give you suggestions. Also when you get yourself a pair, wear them and walk around the house. They should be comfortable and not just good looking.

Hope you liked reading this post on running mistakes!

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