Top 7 Running Myths Busted That You Still Believe


Running Myths Busted

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Nutrition, fitness and workouts are always surrounded by certain spineless myths. The world of running is no exception. There is a lot of conflicting information related to different aspects of running. The last time I had discussed post run headaches and this time I am here to debunk myths linked with running. Running is a great way to lose weight but just like any workout you have to get the technique right.

Let us clear up the common myths associated with running, you would have heard these commonly if you are a regular runner.

Myth no 1: Stretch Before running

stretching can hurt you 1

Truth: Stretching is essential for athletes but static stretching (Where you hold a stretch for a short while) should not be done prior to your run. It is better to do it after running.

Instead of static stretches try doing dynamic movements like straight leg kicks, butt kicks, high knees, lunges, leg swings and walking lunges before you run.

Myth no 2: Keep yourself hydrated with a sports drink

sports-drink running myth

Truth: The market being full of several sports drinks, it is seems like a good choice to have one when you run! Actually it is not a good option. If your workout does not last more than one hour, there is no need to drink a sports drink. For shorter workouts water is the best. If you happen work out longer than an hour, then you would need to consume a sports drink to replenish the lost electrolytes and calories.

Myth no 3: Run everyday

woman-running- weight loss

It is not necessary to run every day. It can be harmful and result in burnout and injury. Include cross training i.e. cycling, rowing or swimming in your routine. Athletes feel that they perform better when they take a day off each week and even better when they take two days off.

Myth no 4: Runners need not do strength training

Truth: Strength training has a lot of benefits to offer to runners. If you are an athlete then you should do strength training as it would improve your performance. The focus should be on the legs and core.

Myth no 5: You should be flexible

Truth: People think that one has to flexible to run. That is not true. The fact is that if you have over flexible joints, they be less stable and will be prone to be overstretched. The body requires stable joints surrounded by strong muscles in order to keep things in place. Being stable is more important than being flexible. Stability can be increased by strength training as mentioned in myth no.4.

Myth no 6: It is unhealthy to run in cold weather

Truth: For a long time this myth has been ruling people’s minds. Running in the cold does not make you sick, virus and bacteria do. You have more chances of catching a cold if you stay indoors as microbes grow more indoors. This does not mean that you have to run with chattering teeth. Cover yourself well. Layering is the best option. Make it a point to keep your head as well as your hands warm while you run.

Myth no 7: Barefoot running is the best

barefoot running minimalist shoes

While barefoot running is a rage, it cannot help everyone. If you want to give minimalist shoes a try, go ahead but do it gradually. Don’t start running directly with minimalist shoes. Try to walk in them first and get used to them. Slowly jog in them and then go for a short run. Increase your speed slowly to avoid getting injured.

Happy running!!!

Running Myths Busted!!! Now you need not be the slaves of the myths doing rounds in the running world!

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