Running Practice For 10K App Week 5 Marathon Practice


Running Practice For 10K App Week 5 Marathon Practice

Hello Fitness Lovers,

I just happened to finish my Running Practice for the 5th week with the 10K App for the upcoming Marathon. So as promised last week, I am here with the latest updates for the final week of my running practice.


On the first day, I had to practice jogging for 5 minutes and walk for 3 minutes and had to continuously follow this for a period of 30 minutes, which included occasional warm up and cooling down too. Recently, I have been in great spirits after I successfully completed my 4th week running practice and with the recent rewards, which I gifted to myself, I was even more prepared to do this.

Day 2-

running practice India

On the second day I had to make sure to walk for about 3/4th of a mile or walk for about 8 minutes. Then again I had to walk for 5 minutes or half of a mile distance. After these two courses, I had to repeat again with the 8 minutes walking and so on for about half an hour.

Day 3-

On the third and last day of the running practice I had to run for about 20 minutes continuously and without taking any breaks in between.

Well, the running practice I have been following since last four weeks has provided the stamina and endurance to at least attempt running for 20 minutes in one go! Otherwise, initially, I used to give up after running for 5 minutes flat.

Well, I won’t say that it was a cake’s walk for me! Yes it was certainly not and I literally felt very lethargic after completing the third day running practice. But as already told I have pushed my stamina to be able to run for intervals like this.

A person like me, who never liked running as a potential workout for weight loss or fitness, now I proudly say that running has been a really fascinating experience for me!

Now when I successfully completed this week’s practice, I get a unique sense of satisfaction after half an hour of workout. One of the most exciting and motivating things I have experienced so far during my running practices, is that when people sitting, turn back and see me running all around my apartment premises! It is really an unmatched feeling for me as I was once in their position and used to admire people who were into running practice regularly as an essential part of their fitness routine.

Well, this week too had been a little tough on me. On the third day when I had to run for about 20 minutes continuously, after completing one round of the premise I started feeling that 20 minutes was just too much for me!

But as for the weak, motivation surely does a lot in making them emerge as strong ones, I too kept pushing myself that no matter what, I have to complete this running practice at all cost. 🙂 I had to convince myself that I am not going to give up until my body gives up and that really worked for me!

Well, 20 minutes running completed amidst my self conflicts with my threshold level! And when the app finally indicated that “Your workout is Complete”, it was like I achieved something unbelievable. I was so proud of myself as if I had conquered the world! :-p

Well, it was surely a great experience for me because when I started it , I had no clue that I will reach at this point and will tell you all about how I completed my Running practice successfully! Believe me! I was not positive about that!

Now that when I did complete my challenge and have given my best efforts for the upcoming Marathon, I am really prepared to take up new challenges and try them too!

It has been a really great day for me and I am looking forward to practicing regularly for the Marathon, as it is just one month left from now!

Till then, take care

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