My Running Practice With 10K App Week 6 Marathon Practice

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My Running Practice With 10K App Week 6 Marathon Practice

Hello Friends

I am here to share my 6th week running practice with all of you! Well, I am myself amazed at the weekly progress and the count which is increasing successfully each week 🙂

It has been a tremendous experience for me so far! From being a non-runner I have manged to come this far and am doing my best to improve each day. I have my confidence level boosted up and my stamina has certainly increased after each week. Earlier, I hardly used to get a breath or was able to talk while jogging but now that has completely changed which is surely quite surprising for me.

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Now when am able to manage jogging and running, all I need to do next is to ficus on increasing my speed as that is an essential requirement for completing the 10k Marathon. I am sure practicing regularly will help me in improving the required speed.

So I will share my day to day regime and the way I followed each day’s instructions to complete it! 🙂

Day 1-

 The day 1 for week 6 had instructions to jog for 5 minutes and walk for 3 minutes, then again jog for 8 minutes and walk for 3 minutes and finally jog for 5 minutes again. Well, this went quite well and I easily managed to do it in one go as I had running experience for 20 minutes at a stretch in the 5th week, so it was not much difficult for me! 🙂

Day 2 –

The second day had instructions to jog for 10 minutes with  3 minutes of walking and then again jogging for 10 minutes.

 This too went well for me and I was able to complete it.

Day 3-

Well, the third day instructions had to be step ahead than the last week’s interval and the same happened. I had to jog for 22 minutes without a break in between. It clearly stated jogging and no walking even for a few seconds. This was a little challenging for me as it was again not something which I already had tried before.

This time I had asked my husband to join me in my running practice. And because he is a good runner I thought he would be able to run this much quite easily but to my surprise, he actually couldn’t complete and I was able to do it.

I was literally astonished as that was not the case before and it was me who always gave up while he continued to run. Once the task gets completed it gives a sense of satisfaction and empowerment from inside that it is hard to explain to anyone who is not related with fitness enthusiasm. I bet only a fitness freak understands the high you get after accomplishing a good interval of jog! 🙂

One of the best things during my practice this week was that my husband agreed to join me once he was aware of the gradual progress I made at my running practice.

Also he realized that continuous work surely needs a break and what is better than engaging in a fitness activity like running which surely results in increased productivity and accelerated enthusiasm.

 Well, as I finished this week, I have already started dreading for the 7th week practice which I surely understand is going to be tougher now. The seventh week has far less breaks and I need to buck up for giving my best as I am surely not going to give up in any way.
It is like I won’t back out unless all my strength ditches me away or unless I am dead tired to continue it further. Thoughts like these work in pushing me towards the end of it in a great way.

So, this was all from this week’s practice. I am sure you can relate to my journey from being a non-runner to the one stepping in the 7th week of Marathon practice.

I will see you guys next week with my latest running updates. Keep motivating and remain healthy till then! 🙂

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