My Running Practice For 10K Run Plan Week 3


My Running Practice For 10K Run Plan Week 3

Hello Fitness Freaks!

How is the fitness enthusiasm treating you all?

Well, I am really in great spirits these days because of my Running practice for the Marathon, which is going to be held in November this year.

Fitness has been really rewarding for me and being a fitness freak, I have challenged myself to try this great way of  remaining fit & active all through the life.

Running has never been on my schedule until recently, when I found out so many people taking up this challenge for a good cause or for their own healthy self.

Recently, I completed my Third Week Run Plan with the C10K app which our team member Kanan has reviewed.

run plan app

In my 10K Run Plan post, I already told you about successfully completing day1 for the third week. Well, I also happened to discuss my challenges during the running practice and how I was motivated to go for this.

Today, I am here to share that I managed to successfully complete Week 3 Run Plan and as promised, I am giving you every detail of how exactly I complete this run plan for the third week.

As I am a really bad runner, I was not even sure that I will be able to run for 3 minutes in one go! But to my surprise, I did it without much difficulty. Well, all the credit goes to this amazing fitness app which is designed in such a way that it pushes your ability to complete the limit but never lets you give up.(Mind you! we haven’t been paid for this)

Every time before practicing my run, I feel that I won’t be able to complete it but as I proceed, it gives me a great high. I don’t realize how the time passes so quickly and I reach the stipulated duration of half an hour, which was initially appearing to be such a difficult task. Well, I really feel recharged and good after doing this.

Also let me confess, that I badly cheated with my meal twice (okay..let me be honest! thrice! ) in this week  and I am really ashamed of it! But, to be honest again, it is not something new as I have done it many times!

Well, cheat meals do make you feel guilty and so I tried to eat healthy and proof is the Avocado Hummus Recipe which I recently shared with you all.

This week had other hurdles as well for me! I went shopping & for a meeting and after coming back had a filling brunch which made me feel really heavy. Usually, I do make sure to keep an hour gap in my running & eating. But that time, the heavy brunch made me feel as if I won’t be able to do it at all.

Well, as I always say fitness always requires persistence & continuity to give visible results. So, after initial self conflicts, I decided to go for the running practice and yes I did complete it. I really felt great after doing it and the feeling of accomplishment itself  is enough to keep you motivated throughout.

Well, this was how I managed to successfully complete my Week 3 Run Plan. I will certainly try to do better from now. Navratri Festival is beginning this week and so I will be following a strict vegetarian diet.

For those who are not aware of Navratris, it is basically the celebration of nine days when people worship the nine Holy Re-incarnations of Maa Durga and keep fast or simply refrain from eating non-vegetarian. This festival is celebrated in all the parts of the country with great respect. Garba celebrations are an impeccable part of this festival and people actively participate in all of these activities.

So, with the upcoming festivals lets see how this week is going to turn up for me! Needless to mention, the cheat meals are going to happen again during the celebration time :-p

I will be back again with latest updates of the coming week, so stay tuned and remain healthy.

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