Running Practice For 10K Run App Week 4 |Marathon Practice

4th week run plan

Running Practice For 10K Run App Week 4 |Marathon Practice

Hello Fitness Enthusiasts,

I am here with my Running Practice experience for the 4th week of 10K Run Plan. I managed to complete it and I am here to share all the challenges I had to struggle with while completing this week’s target.

With the onset of Navratri, there has been a drastic change in my diet schedule as there is a temporary avoidance of non- vegetarian food during this celebration of nine days. Well, for all those vegetarians it might be very easy to adjust their diet as per the auspicious occasions but being a non-vegetarian and that too a Low Carb High Protein diet follower, I am certainly not left with much choices to include in my food.

Running for three weeks continuously has certainly improved my stamina and endurance but still I feel that, there a long way to go and I need to do more. I will share my challenges and small achievements day wise here to make you all understand how my running practice actually proceeded this week.

Day 1-

For the first day, I scrolled for the coming weeks run plan and was really not sure as to whether I will be able to complete or not because as per the app coming weeks had shorter intervals and longer durations of running. I was really doubting my ability to complete this week’s target but then a feeling of not giving up is deep down there which always bucks me up and I regained my lost motivation because I knew if I am giving up now, all the days & weeks of practicing would just go in vain. I certainly didn’t wanted to do that.

Also due to the Navratri festival, I have been indulging in sweets and due to refraining from any non-vegetarian food content during this festival, my protein intake has been really low this week. I hope to quickly resume my healthy eating lifestyle after this occasion is over.

Day 2-

The second day was quite better as compared to the first day but the thought of going to the gym and running for 31 minutes scares me like anything, being a non-runner! Well, I drew some motivation from inside and completed it easily, once I started. I  think the first 15-20 minutes pass easily but the last 5-10 minutes are really hard to complete.

Well, it is a relief to see that you are getting nearer to what you wish to achieve and when you have an app for your running practice, it certainly does a lot in keeping your spirits high and recharged.

4th week run plan

Day 3-

On the third day, things were better, contrary to what I had assumed before that it would not be so easy for me! Interestingly , the third week was really easy for me and I would give credit to the regular practice I have been doing since weeks. I strongly feel the 10K Run Plan app is designed in such a way that when you feel you are not going to achieve, it surprises you by making it easy for your body and mind to go for it and complete it. And once another week gets completed, there is this great feeling to go for more and don’t let the hard work & efforts get waste.

Well, completing this week was not easy but I had my share of challenges which I overcame after little struggling.

Now I am looking forward to the next week’s Run Plan which has quite a lot of Running with short intervals in between. I am hopeful about the coming week’s plan and waiting to get back to healthy eating, so that it is easy for me to be able to complete it.

Talking about what I am missing most in my workout these days is the weight lifting regime as it is surely my favorite workout. I miss it and hope to be able to get back to my normal weight lifting workout and get in better shape.

So, this was all I had to share for this week. I will be sharing my 5th week update next week, hopefully after successfully completing it! 🙂

Also because, I have completed the 4th week Run Plan I thought to reward myself for the extra motivation in the coming weeks. I have gifted something to myself and will show you all as soon as it reaches me!

Stay healthy People!

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