7 Must Follow Running Tips For Beginners


Running Tips For Beginners

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Are you a beginner at running? Well, that is great as running has several benefits. However, you need to be careful about certain things. Here are some must follow running tips for beginners.

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1) Start running in intervals

Beginners who are training for a race should not plan to run the whole distance in one stretch. Break your running into intervals and keep them short initially. Walk between intervals so that you can recover a bit. After a while you can start lengthening your running and reducing your walking. Alternate between 2 mins of jogging and 2 mins of walking. Increase the running interval by 1 min per workout until you are able to run the whole distance at a stretch without the need to walk.

2) Don’t start too fast initially

The body needs to get used to the stress and strain of running. Beginners start out by running rather too fast and later pay for it. Frustration, pain, overexertion or injuries can be the consequences. Maintain a moderate pace such that you can easily talk to people. You need to give your body the time to slowly get used to the new physical activity. This way you will succeed in the long term.

3) Give your body the time to recover

Even if your first run was good, you should wait for a day before attempting your next workout. This is because your body needs rest in order to recover from the first run. Your body must be able to adapt to the new demands that running places on the cardiovascular system and then prepare your muscles and bones for the next session of running. Your running training should be such that you run on alternate days. This way the training will give you the best results without any overuse injuries.

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4) Take short and easy steps

Technically, running is a challenging sport. Most beginners don’t have the right technique and thereby waste energy. You need to run in a relaxed and effortless manner. Take short and easy steps as they are more effective than long and more powerful strides.

5) Select the right surface

If you don’t know which surface will be the best for you, here is some help.

Pavement – It is ideal for those who want to run fast. The risk of turning your ankle is also less. However, it is tough on the joints due to lack of cushioning. This surface is for very light runners who have a good form.

Forest or park floor – It is a soft surface that has great cushioning effect but there is always the risk of injuries due to roots, bumps and rocks.

Sandy surface – It trains your muscles and helps lift your feet but it can overwork the calf muscles.

Treadmill – It lets you train all year round with a good cushioning effect. But this kind of running requires you to alter your form as the belt moves beneath the feet.

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6) Deal with side aches the right way

While running, many people have side aches. So, it is advised not to eat solid food about 2 hours before working out and only take fluids in small quantities. If you do have a side ache, take a break and walk. Breathe calmly and relax. Press your hands against the side that hurts. Don’t start running again till the pain subsides.

7) Do cross train

Cross training is a great thing to do as it brings variety and doesn’t make things boring. Different sports help in reducing the stress running puts on your joints and spine.

Hope you liked these running tips for beginners!

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