Saffola Masala Oats-Are they healthy?


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Saffola Masala Oats-Are they healthy?

I just hate oats ! My tongue doesn’t seem to like them, I don’t like it in anyway I have tried so far. I want to try oats upma with lots of veggies, pending mission since  a long time 😀 . My mom raved about Saffola masala oats veggie twist on multiple occasions, so I thought I will dare to try !

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One fine day in office, I found these Saffola Veggie Twist being served in Cafe Coffee Day in office cafeteria. I took this as the best opportunity to try it without doing any mehnat ! The CCD guy charged me Rs 40 and as far as I could recall, my mom said its only 15 bucks for a sachet of 1 serving. Aaaah, price for CCD setup in office may be 🙁

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Anyway, I found the taste good , yeah don’t be surprised. Its actually good ! I thought that this find is the next big thing to discovery of India 😛 ! But then , me being a sucker for reading the labels, I decided not to jump to any conclusions !

I bought 2 packets of Saffola Veggie Twist Oats to try them at home. Truth be told, I just wanted to read the labels !

Saffola Masala Oats-Are they healthy?

When I first saw the Nutritional Information, I thought – “Oooh my God, so may carbs ?? ” .  But then I compared it with Quaker and oats in general. The numbers are almost the same, so far so good.

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Then I intrigued further and my eyes stopped at 1 ingredient from the below list. Guess what ?

healthy saffola oats india (3)

Flavor Enhancers? No

Anticaking Agent ? No

Yeast extract ? No

Acidity Regulator ? No

These are present in almost all packaged products.

My eyes stopped at Maltodextrin. It is used as a thickener or a binding agent. You will find it in a lot of packaged food items, desserts, puddings and artificial sweeteners as well. It is cheap, so companies use it very often.

Maltodextrin when added in small amounts, does not really affect the basic composition of food i.e carbs, calories, protein, fiber , fat and protein remain as is. Good thing is that Maltodextrin is made from starch, its a processed carbohydrate and not a chemical. Still its not the safest to put in your body.

If you follow low carb lifestyle, then this certainly does not work for you. If you follow healthy eating, you can have this Saffola Masala Oats Veggie Twist once in a while. On regular basis, have oats with lots of veggies !

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