How Your Salad Can Have More Calories Than A Burger!


How Your Salad Can Have More Calories Than A Burger!

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Do you love your salad? Why? Because it is healthy! Great to know that! What all you add to it? Have you ever felt that it can have more calories than a burger? Well, read on to find out how your salad can have more calories than a burger!


Just the word ‘salad’ does not mean that it is healthy. Most weight watchers have salad in their meals. There are so many people who think that if they eat a bowl of salad for lunch or dinner, they can lose weight. Yes, they can lose weight but only if the salad is made the right way! You might be puzzled at this moment, right? How can you go wrong in making a salad? It is basically made up of veggies and veggies can do no harm! Well, you need to have a look at what all is in your salad! Apart from your favourite veggies and greens there are other little things in your salad that increase the number of calories. They are the salad dressings and toppings! Most often people use store bought salad dressings to make the otherwise bland salad tasting salad a bit yummy without knowing that they are adding unwanted calories to their meal.

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Adding sour cream, cheese and other creamy stuff to your salad makes the calorie count higher. For instance a bowl of paneer, tomato, cucumber and mayo salad has a 190 calories and a bowl of pasta salad has 331.2 calories. Tomato and cheese salad has 354.4 calories to offer in just one bowl.

Vegetarian 1000 Island Salad Dressing

Surprised, aren’t you? The credit goes to the creamy salad dressings as mentioned above. Do you know that these readymade salad dressings have saturated fat in them? And too much of saturated fat can raise the levels of your blood cholesterol and lead to heart disease! Though saturated fat is still under debate and is stuck between the good fat and bad fat, it is better to avoid it as anyways it has calories that you don’t want to consume in a meal that was meant to be low on calories and healthy!

All this points to one direction and that is you should avoid adding sauces to your salad! They load your meal with unnecessary calories! Instead of sauces and ready-made salad dressings you can go in for vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil! Do try these Indian salad dressings for weight loss- click!


There are other reasons too that leads to a rise in the calorie count of the salad. Some people add deep fried pieces of chicken to the salad that tends to raise the number of calories. It would be similar to having a chicken burger!! So what is the use of you having a salad? You need to go easy on the toppings part. For the toppings, go in for healthier substitutes like yoghurt and cottage cheese. In order to enhance the taste of your salad you can add herbs to it.

Make your salad healthy with nutritious ingredients and keep your eyes wide open as to what is getting added to your salad when you dine outside. It is usually while dining out during weekends that you end up throwing the whole week’s efforts down the drain!

Stay healthy!

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