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Salad Day Review

Hi Everyone!
I am writing here after a long time and missed you all immensely. Actually, I have been suffering off late from Plantar Fasciitis since 3 months and it’s kind of getting irritating as other than exercise there is nothing much I can do to cure it. It initially started with one of my feet but then eventually it has also reached my second foot as well. Now, as a result of it, I am actually moving towards laziness to get up every morning as it takes me a lot of effort to get up every day from the bed. I do try to eat healthy but I cannot avoid good food is a fact which controls my life. 😀
salad, Salad Day
I was feeling hungry this time and in the spurt I came across this page on Facebook. I thought to order something healthy and this fb ad of Salad Day made me tempted enough to try the salad. The link to the page is as attached here.
They deliver all across Gurgaon and South Delhi and have a lot of options that almost made my decision difficult to order a salad. Anyhow, I finally managed to order one of the salads out of the options available here I also ordered a green juice.
The delivery was prompt and the delivery staff was courteous too. But when I finally tried to quench my hunger, I was not very pleased as the salad was not something appealing or maybe I was not in the right frame of mind to have something in my laziness. I would definitely try something else to form a better opinion. I did not even try the green juice I had ordered during the entire day.
healthy juice, Salad Day
I tried the green juice the next day as it was safe enough to be consumed after 12 or maybe 24 hours. I do not recall but it was safe during the time I had it. I actually liked the juice. It was tasty and refreshing.
So my feedback is that the salads and options they have are numerous. They have a lot of variety in toppings etc. But if it could have been priced around INR 300 with toppings, it would have made a better option for someone to order it frequently. The delivery time is very good which is 2-3 hours. I wish they could improve on that as well a bit. At least for people dying of hunger on most days would definitely love it to be revised and improved. Anyway, it is a definite good option for someone who is trying to lose weight or is looking to eat healthy. I am surely going to try other options in coming days. Now that I know that they exist, I am sure I will try them again and then form a permanent opinion of them.
I would advise you all to try it at least once if you fall in their delivery circle. These are not that bad to be tried for once at least. I mean the quality is definitely not an issue and the product is served very ethically and hygienically. There are a lot of options in their menu in salads and juices. I am sure you will also feel a little confused about your order a few first times.

Do share your reviews with me after you order from Salad Day.

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