Salman Khan Turns 50 -Fitness Secrets Revealed!


How Salman Khan Remains Fit After Turning 50?

Salman Khan Turns 50 in another 2 days! It is time for his fans to rejoice! This year has been fantastic for the star with ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ doing great business. What fascinates us about the actor is his fitness and youthful look! Does he look like a 50 year old man to you? Absolutely not! He is someone who has proved that with the right kind of exercise and diet, one can really maintain a youthful look.

Salman Khan fittest Bollywood star

So here are his fitness secrets!


Salman has not hired a personal fitness trainer for himself, which means that he plans everything on his own. His diet is pretty elaborate and has different things so that he gets most of the nutrients. He is very particular about his diet and pays special attention to it. Here is his diet chart:

Early morning

Salman drinks oxygenated water in order to energize himself first thing in the morning.


Salman’s breakfast comprises of eggs, bread-butter, rotis, mixed veggies and low fat milk. This on the days he shoots. On other days, he likes to have a heavy breakfast with his family.


For lunch Salman has a non-veg item, fried fish, a salad and lots of fruits.


His dinner has chicken, fish, veggies, soups of different kinds and also Italian cuisine as it is his favourite.

Salman is someone who loves partying hard and he also likes to have some alcohol. While partying, he tastes different kinds of foods.

Workout routine

salman khan working out

Salman has been maintaining his body for more than 25 years. Are you aware that he is the only Indian film actor to have done so? He is a perfect role-model for all the youngsters who want a sculpted body and high levels of fitness. Salman’s fitness regime is strict and he just doesn’t miss his workouts at any cost. Even when there is too much of work, he will work out for a little while at least.

Have a look at his workout routine

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays he focuses on weight training:

  • He warms up with jumps, squat thrusts and push-ups.
  • Next, he does dead-lifts for his leg and back muscles.
  • For developing his chest and tricpes, he does Bench press, both falt and inclined.
  • This followed by shoulder press.
  • He does 10-15 reps, six sets for large muscles such as that of the chest and generally 6-8 reps, 5 sets for of smaller muscles as that of the arms.
  • He finally cools down by running slowly on the treadmill.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays he does cardio and abs exercises. Sunday is devoted only to cardio.

  • He begins with running on the treadmill for 15 mins.
  • This is followed by an abs circuit that has crunches, reverse crunches, side planks and back extensions. He does these 25 times in each circuit. The circuit is repeated thrice with a gap of 5 mins in each circuit.
  • He does sit-ups a 1000 times (wow!)
  • Then he does cardio for an hour.

He likes riding his bicycle. While cycling, he covers about 50 Kms.

Do you have so much stamina? He firmly believes in maintaining his body the natural way and steers clear of any kind of pills.

Maintaining a body like that of Salman Khan is no joke. It has taken him years to build such a body out of sheer hard work and practice.

salman khan non-veg

Hats off to this star and wishing him a happy bday in advance!

Hope Salman Khan inspires you!

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