What Do Salt Cravings Mean?


Find Out What Salt Cravings Mean!

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Some people have a lot of sweet cravings. However, there is also another group of people who crave salty junk food! This post is for those people! Sweet lovers sorry!

Our bodies do things for a reason. So, what is it that makes our salt cravings so very powerful. What is your body trying to tell?

There can be a salt deficiency! Though it is not very common it can be widespread in those who are on a paleo diet.

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Salt deficiency

‘Sodium deficiency’ may seem a rather strange word when health experts are stressing upon the fact that you should eat less salt and how salt causes high blood pressure. However, there are people on a Paleo diet who are restricting processed food and you know that most of the sodium intake is through processed stuff. Some people are advised by doctors to cut back on their salt consumption to keep their BP normal but this reduction of salt if done way too much can lead to deficiency.

Salt has been demonized all along. Do you know that sodium is actually important for your health? It balances body fluids; the amount of water in the blood has to stay within a small range that happens when there are adjustments in salt intake and excretion. Athletes know this and that is why they take a lot of care to drink salt along with their water if they have been sweating.

Salt has a role to play in growth and reproduction too.

Salt deficiency and salt cravings

Table salt- benefits of rock salt n black salt

According to research, people who are salt depleted crave for salt more. The deficiency of salt is known to increase the physiological drive to eat foods that have high amounts of salt. This is regardless of the fact that they taste ‘salty’ or not. What you should be concerned about it is the total salt content in the food and not bother about how salty the food tastes. This means that food that tastes sweet but has salt in it will be on the craving list. Pretty confusing, right? It may be difficult to distinguish a sugar craving from a salt craving.

Here is some help! Any of the following can be a form of salt craving:

  • Craving for salty snacks
  • Cravings for foods with lots of salt in them even if they are not salty by taste. Examples are bread, cookies, crackers and the like.
  • Feeling of fatigue and having low energy
  • Depressed mood
  • Muscle cramps

If you have the above, here are certain suggestions:

  • Add salt your food to taste
  • Pay heed to how your body feels after eating foods having salt.
  • If you sweat a lot after exercising, you need to rehydrate yourself with water salt and other electrolytes such as potassium. It takes a while for salt cravings to kick in post-exercise. This means that you won’t need salt immediately but the physiological need is there.
  • Pay close attention to sugar cravings when you are stressed. It is possible that are actually ‘salt craving’. Try drinking water with a pinch of salt to feel better.

Please keep in mind that the above does not apply for people having salt-related diseases. Please talk to your doctor before doing anything. However, for healthy people salt is not an enemy when consumed in the right amounts.

Hope this post on salt cravings has been useful!

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