Sameera Reddy’s Weight Loss Journey


Sameera Reddy’s Weight Loss Journey

Hello Georgous ladies !! We have discussed a lot about super fit celebrity mom’s fitness & diet. I have googled so much that these days my browser has started recommending pages about fitness. Cool Google ji !! (*wink*)

Well, I was thinking some time back as whose the next celebrity that I can write about, I thought I will this time write for my dear bachelor girls out there reading my posts. Yes beauties !! this post is for you all ..(*Kisses*)

Today’s celebrity is an actress, a super model. She has evolved from super fat to super fit. I envy her tall, svelte figure. She the new bride of bollywood. Yup !! its the beautiful ‘Sameera Reddy’ .

Sameera Reddy's Weight Loss Journey


I loved her in the tamil movie “Vaaranam aayiram” . She was in her best form. I remember how beautiful she looked in a causal jean and tee. Today I going to share with you all her fitness secret.  Hope my bachelor audience will love this post.

Sameera Reddy’s Weight Loss Journey

Sameera Reddy before and after Weight Loss

I really admire sameera for the effort that she has put in to look fab. Me being 5’6, I envy her toned figure. I found her routine to be very interesting. I do not know, if I can follow them all.

Sameera Reddy’s Fitness mantra

sameera reddy sexy back

Fitness tops Sameera’s priority list. She doesn’t ignore her body. The actress exercises daily

Power Yoga

Her secret to a fabulous body lies in power yoga practise. The actress performs these asanas religiously every day for an hour.


Sameera believes that swimming is great form of work out. It exercises the entire body. She also rejuvenates herself via swimming.

Her 45 minutes of free style swimming rejuvenates her and fills her with immense energy. She regularly visits the Joggers Park and swim at least for 45 minutes on a regular basis.

Sameera works out daily at least for an hour. Her trainer Leena Mogre sets an interesting routine for her. Hence, it comprises of power yoga, swimming and weight training thrice a week.

“I’m addicted to fitness,” says dusky beauty Sameera Reddy. “The days I don’t do some kind of exercise, I don’t sleep well, I feel depressed and generally, I’m in a bad mood.

Sameera believes there is a definite co-relation between the mind and body. Ya !! that’s true. Only if you believe that  you are going to reduce , it reflects in our body. It goes hand in hand.

She says “I work out daily at least for an hour. Leena Mogre, my fitness trainer, knows that I get bored of a routine workout very easily. So I do power yoga, swim and weight train thrice a week. I ensure that I keep myself active all the time without overtaxing my body though. ”

Sameera’s daily routine

• 20 minutes of yoga – Mainly stretching exercises to keep the body supple.

Later During the Day

• Kathak riyaz

Evening Fitness Regime

• Work out at the gym – Mainly circuit training or 1 hour of swimming

Sameera Reddy yoga

Sameera Diet routine


Porridge or Brown bread Sandwich and a cup of green tea or Idlis and a tall glass of juice


She believes in having a healthy vegetarian lunch.

  1. • Multigrain Rotis
  2. • Lentils
  3. • Salad
  4. • A bowl of curd


The actress likes to have a high protein dinner between 8-9 pm.

Sameera Avoids Aerated drinks. She includes lot of fruits.

Sameera Reddy sexy after weight loss

One piece of advice from Sameera :

Sameera says “Since I know how I felt when I was plump, I would suggest that one should not try drastic measure to loose weight.There’s a right and sensible way; a long-term way that will keep you fit. Being skinny is not beautiful or healthy. It can only give you acidity and long-term health problems. You can combine healthy eating, with good exercise and healthy living and thus have a very good figure without destroying your body for the sake looking slim. “

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