Sample Menu Of Low Carb Diet

cauliflower pizza bites

Sample Menu Of Low Carb Diet

I have already told you about what you can eat when you are on a low carb diet along with what you should not eat. Following a low carb diet with Indian food habits is not easy but it is not that difficult either. We have many options in our indigenous food and now many exotic food items are also easily available in our country. If you want to lose weight without starving yourself then following a low carb diet can be your option. Here I am suggesting a Sample Menu Of Low Carb Diet which can give you a good start-


Sugar-free Strawberry-Pomegranate Smoothie 7

You cannot take cereals in your breakfast but there are some good choices available. You can have eggs for breakfast. Boil them or make an omelette with vegetables. Do not eat bread. Here are some ways to make eggs interesting.

You can have Greek yogurt with fruits which will keep you light but energetic.

Another option is to have smoothies which are ready quickly and keep you full.


cauliflower pizza bites

Grilled fish or meat is one thing that can be a good option for lunch. It provides multiple nutrients.

You can go for cauliflower pizza too. It is not your regular bread based pizza and so is perfectly fit for low carb dieters.

Chicken salad can also be the lunch of choice for people on a low carb diet. Do not add fatty dressings and spice it up with herbs.

You can have egg salad if you do not eat non-vegetarian food.


Gouda-4 famous types of cheeses

Grilled chicken wings with some crunchy leafy vegetables work well for low carb dinner.

A Caesar salad is light and provides you good nutrition and adequate dietary fibres. Do not add bread croutons to it.

You can also have 5 ounces of cheese. Choose from cheeses like Swiss, Mexican Panela and Cheddar. Take 3 leaves of lettuce with any light dressing.


New_fats that make you fit_avocados

For snacks, you have some interesting options like 5 celery sticks, two cheese strings, hass avocado with light salt and pepper and 24 raw almonds etc.

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