Sassafras Tea And Its Health Benefits


Sassafras Tea And Its Health Benefits

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I am here to introduce you to a tea about which you would have never heard before! It is called the sassafras tea. This post is completely about the health benefits this tea has to offer.

The sassafras tree is a deciduous tree. Native Americans used its bark, branches, leaves and even roots for various purposes including curing various ailments. When the Europeans came to know about the health benefits of this tree, it became popular all over the world. Even though different parts of the tree are used, there has been a special interest in the health benefits its tea.

 sassafras tea health benefits

How to make this tea?

To make sassafras tea, the roots or leaves of the tree are brewed in water for twenty minutes. Some people also add lemon and sugar into it but it is optional. Your tea is ready in flat 20 minutes!

Health benefits of sassafras root tea

Sassafras root tea has mucilage, asarone , safrole, tannins and alpha-pinene in it. The presence of these compounds provides a lot of health benefits.

It has a cleansing effect on the body

Sassafras bark is the key to maintain a healthy liver and normalize function of hormones. It will stimulate the liver and cleanse it. It also balances hormones that can prevent cramps during periods.

The tea is known to clear gallbladder congestion and remove toxins from the body. If you happen to suffer from arthritis, gout or rheumatism, sassafras tea can help reduce your pain.

It is good for men too as it heals and cleanses the body along with dealing with hormonal imbalances.

Those who suffer from high blood pressure can reap benefits of the tea as it is a good diuretic (making you visit the washroom frequently 😀 ) and thus it eliminates toxins from the body. This strengthens the immune system.

Helps in thinning the blood

Drinking small quantities of this herbal tea can make it an effective blood purifier and anticoagulant.

Helpful in treating respiratory illness

Sassafras tea helps relieve symptoms of cold and flu. It treats fever, soothes cough and clears the nose. This is due to the spicy flavour of the sassafras oil present in the root. It alleviates bronchitis too.

Helps in treating digestion problems

Consuming small quantities of this tea will ease digestion issues like diarrhea or constipation. It keeps the stomach hydrated while keeping harmful agents at bay.

Controls urinary problems

If you happen to have kidney problems or urinary infection, sassafras tea will come handy as it is diuretic in nature and will reduce the irritation in the urinary tract and treat kidney problems.

Treats skin problems

The tea has antibacterial, antiseptic and astringent properties. This makes it capable of treating skin trouble like eczema and even insect bites. You need to apply a soft cloth dipped in the tea to treat the skin problem.

sassafras root health benefits

Why is sassafras tea banned by the FDA?

Well, all sound well with sassafras tea but the truth is that it has been surrounded by controversy. There are concerns over the consumption of safrole present in this tea. Experiments done on mice reveal that the compound safrole causes liver cancer. There is a fear that it may have a similar effect on humans. FDA has banned this tea and the use of sassafras as an additive in food and beverages.

Generally prolonged consumption of this tea is not recommended. Expecting and nursing mothers should avoid this. Those who suffer from heart and kidney problems are not advised to drink this tea.

Allergic reactions

The tea can result in allergic reactions like itching, difficulty in breathing, loss of mental balance, confusion, skin inflammation, reduction in body temperature. If you happen to experience any sort of uneasiness after drinking the tea, do consult the doctor immediately.

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