Scallops – The World’s Healthiest Foods


Scallops – The World’s Healthiest Foods

A scallop is a bright-colored, with fan-shaped shells and radiating patterns seafood. The shell of scallop consist of two portions divided in symmetry. Its texture is soft fleshy and taste is mild sweet flavor. Sea scallops and frozen scallops are available around the year.

Scallops - The World's Healthiest Foods

Scallops – The World’s Healthiest Foods

1. Vitamin B12: Scallops are very good source of vitamin B12 which is essential nutrient for cardiovascular health, hence helps in preventing diabetic heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

2. Omega-3 fatty acids: Scallops are very good source of Omega 3 fatty acids too. Omega -3 fats keep blood free flowing and prevents blood clots.

3. Magnesium and potassium: Scallops have magnesium and potassium where magnesium helps in lowering blood pressure by relaxing blood nerve and improves blood flow and potassium also maintain blood pressure.

4. Good for heart: Its nutrients promotes cardiovascular health for long time. Improves heart rate and keep your heart healthy.

5. Protects against cancer: Vitamin b12 in scallops helps as a protective measure against colon cancer. Omega -3 fatty acids helps in preventing colorectal cancer, so enjoy scallops and keep cancer at bay.

6. Protects against childhood asthma: Intake of regular scallops helps in reduction of probability of being asthmatic.

7. Improves Immune system: Scallop is a good source of selenium too which neutralizes the hazardous effect of free radicals which can weaken immune system.

8. Protects against Fatal heart arrhythmia: Omega -3 fatty acids improves electrical properties of heart cells, therefore protects against fatal abnormal heart rhythms.

9. Improves mood, reduces depression:  Omega -3 fatty acid in scallops helps in preventing the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines which promote stress and depression.

How to select and store Scallops

Buy fresh scallops from a good and reputed fish shop. Fresh scallops have flesh that is white . Frozen scallops should be solid and shiny. Smell the scallops before buying as it is a good indication of freshness. It is important to store scallops in cold temperature, and refrigerate them as soon as you buy.

Cooking Tips

scallop health benefits

  • Trim off any hard connecting tissue before cooking
  • Don’t overcook scallops as too much heating can cause them to become tough.
  • Enjoy healthy sauté scallops with ginger, mushrooms.

Nutrient value in Scallops (113.40 grams)

  • Protein – 52.6%
  • selenium – 45.2%
  • phosphorus – 38.3%
  • vitamin B12 – 24.5%
  • zinc – 22.6%
  • choline – 21.6%
  • iron – 18.8%
  • omega-3 fats – 17%
  • copper – 17%
  • magnesium – 15.5%
  • potassium – 15.4%
  • calcium – 13%
  • Calories (127) – 7%

Have you tried Scallops ? How was your cooking experience ? Let us know !


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