Scarlett Johansson’s Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Story


Scarlett Johansson’s Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Story

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Welcoming a baby is the best thing in this world for a woman but along with the bundle of joy come a lot of unwanted kilos. The extra weight is difficult to shed for most women and they have a hard time doing so. This post aims at discussing the magical weight loss of actress Scarlett Johansson post-pregnancy.

Hollywood diva Scarlett Johansson was blessed with a baby girl in the month of September. What is surprising is that she has managed to bounce back to her previous svelte self in just a matter of 2 months! Amazing, right? Her recent appearance at a special function sent waves of surprise all over the media. Want to know how she managed to do so? Look at the pics below! Read on to find out more!

Post-Baby Weight Loss of Actress Scarlett Johansson

Post-Baby Weight Loss of Scarlett Johansson

24th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards

Scarlett Johansson says that she did not lose weight by focusing on calories burned or kilos lost. Instead she put all her efforts in bonding with her little bundle of joy and exercising in a manner that made her feel strong and healthy.

She says that motherhood is magical and she has learned a lot after giving birth to her daughter Rose. The most important thing she has learned is that breast feeding has a lot of benefits for both the mother and the baby. The first time mom says that the best way to get back in shape is by breastfeeding. She is nursing her baby and loving the experience. According to Scarlett, along with being wonderful and magical motherhood is exhausting too!

The diva claims that she hasn’t altered her workout routine much. She just needs to find the time to hit the gym. Once there, she does all that her big muscles trainer does. Most of it is stability, endurance and strength training. She likes to work out till she starts sweating! After trying a hand at Pilates, Yoga and many other things, she always comes back to the typical old fashioned full body workout.

Things seem to be working pretty well for Scarlett. But like most humans she too claims that making exercise a habit is a big struggle. Once into the routine, it gets easy to keep going that way. But if she loosens up a bit, it gets hard to go back to the routine. Quite natural and something that happens to most of us!

So that was her part of the story! Yes, breastfeeding is instrumental in weight loss of new mothers and there is research to back it up. Breastfeeding does help but the results may vary from woman to woman. It mainly depends on the woman’s metabolism, weight gain during pregnancy and post pregnancy exercise routine and diet. We can bring in Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s post pregnancy weight here. She had always been under the media’s scanner because of the way she had ballooned up. She needed a lot of time to lose all the flab and was criticised for being unable to do so. This shows that all women are not the same and their ability to lose weight post-pregnancy varies.

Health experts say that pregnant women should keep their weight in check and after the birth of the baby, they should have a high fibre diet that includes whole grains, fruits and veggies along with protein and lots of water.

Hope you found the weight loss story of Scarlett Johansson inspiring!

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