Scuba Diving For Fitness


Scuba diving for fitness

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Ever tried a hand at scuba diving? Well I haven’t either 😛 as I am not a very adventurous person but nowadays a lot of women are opting for scuba diving to keep themselves fit. Read on more about this much in vogue fitness mantra.

Scuba diving for fitness

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Tones you from head to toe

Water is heavier when compared to air. This provides a kind of continuous resistance to the body’s muscles. Being a low impact sport, diving does not make one feel physically exerted underwater but the behind the scene, your body’s major muscles are being used against the resistance that the water creates. Moreover before diving you have to carry a 40 pound air tank and other things that can add up 20 pounds more. So, when you wear all that and wait at the back of the boat to jump, it is itself a good workout.

Helps in burning calories

You can easily burn 400 calories by just dawdling around aimlessly! It is the continuous resistance of the water plus your swimming. One dive usually lasts for 30-45 minutes. It depends on your fitness level, weight, water current etc. One can easily burn 500+ calories during a single diving session. If you happen to do multiple dives in a day (4 or more) it is important to have a small snack and water after each dive.

Helps you breathe better

When you start scuba diving, the first thing you will be taught is to never hold your breath. You have to breathe deeply and slowly during a dive as the risk of lung-expansion injury reduces. The breathing technique used during these dives is beneficial for the lungs as it helps increase the capacity of lungs and the respiratory system gets strengthened. The risk of lung diseases also gets reduced.

When you practice deep belly breathing, for an hour during the dive is definitely more than what people usually do in their deep breathing sessions. Deep breathing helps in reducing stress-related problems, anxiety and depression. It can also help lower blood pressure.

Helps relieve stress


The peace and blissful atmosphere underwater works wonders in fighting stress. You are surrounded with pretty blue-green water and ornamental fishes swim by you! Seems pretty dream-like doesn’t it! When you dive, your sensory input is reduced which means that movements are slower and the sounds the softer. This helps in giving relief from stress.

On the personal level I have found being in the water very relaxing. I have always loved floating in the swimming pool. There is no greater feeling than letting your body loose in the water, it not just bodily relief but a relief of the mind too.

Helps boost Self-Esteem

Well, it is obvious that you have to be strong to try doing scuba diving! You have to swim and also keep monitoring your air tank. This practice will give you a sense of self confidence. If you are able to handle things well underwater you will feel more prepared for the challenges you confront in day to day life. Such a self-esteem booster this is!

Ready for some scuba diving for fitness?

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