How To Season Your Food Without Adding Salt?


Season Your Food Without Adding Salt

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It is a well known fact that most of us exceed the recommended limit of sodium consumption, sugar and saturated fats. There is another well known fact that we don’t meet the minimum recommended limit with regard to fruits, veggies and whole grains. The latest guidelines for sodium intake is less than 2,300 mg for those below 14 years of age and even lesser for children younger than 14.

Why is a there a need to restrict sodium?

High levels of sodium in the body can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, kidney failure and stroke. This makes it extremely important to restrict your consumption of sodium.

Are you aware that about 70% of the salt added in our diet is during processing? Curbing salt in the diets of kids is very important as studies show that high sodium consumption is linked to obesity in kids. Reducing sodium and increasing veggies and fruit intake can help prevent hypertension and heart disease in kids and can also decrease the risk later in life. Teach kids to eat healthy right from day one.

Table salt- benefits of rock salt n black salt

You can Season Your Food Without Adding Salt. Here are some tips to add flavour to your food while keeping a check on the sodium intake.

1)  Eat more whole foods

veggies and fruits  rich in beta carotene- what it is all about

The easiest way to reduce your salt consumption is to eat more of fresh foods and less of processed stuff. Replace processed meats with fresh fish and chicken. Your bread also has salt in it, so, you need to watch out! Limit processed cheeses too as they are high in salt. Avoid canned foods and stick to fresh veggies and fruits. Say no to canned soups and sauces too as they are high in sodium that is added as a preservative. Learn to read food labels before you buy products, Select the ones that are low in sodium and have no added salt.

tomato ketchup bad for health

You may be cutting down on the salt you add to food without realizing that your ketchup and barbeque sauce are high in sodium. Unknowingly you are adding too much of sodium to your diet.

You should replace crisps and chips with unsalted nuts and seeds. You can also snack on salt-free and butter-free popcorn. Reduce intake of MSG and soy sauce.

2) Use vegetables that enhance flavour

garlic_tummy flattening fods

Garlic and onion are aromatic veggies that can be added to dishes to enhance their flavour. They are an essential part of Indian cuisine. But when you try foreign cuisine especially soups, sauces and stews, you can add the aromatic veggies to it. Add citrus fruit juices to brighten the look and enhance the flavour of dishes.

3) Use herbs and spices to replace salt

Top 10 Indian Spices For Weight Loss

Replacing salt with herbs and spices not just reduces the health risk linked with sodium but also boosts the health. Herbs and spices are said to contain antioxidants and phenolic compounds that help prevent diseases and promote wellness just like how fruits and veggies do. Studies reveal that clove, caraway and oregano are the best as they have high antioxidant properties.

Herbs and spices are great flavour-enhancers and have a variety of flavours to offer to every cuisine. Indian cuisine has a lot of herbs and spices already. Right from cumin to cinnamon, a variety of spices are added to our food. This means that when you cook Indian cuisine you need to rely less on salt to bring in the flavour. Good news for us!

Try your best to reduce salt intake!

Happy eating!

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