Top Secrets Behind The Flawless Skin Of Japanese Women


Secrets Behind The Flawless Skin Of Japanese Women

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Japanese women radiate natural beauty as they have a flawless skin. You can find many women with porcelain like skin in Japan. The secret probably lies in their diet and lifestyle choices. They have a more holistic approach when it comes to health. They pay attention to everything, right from the products used by them to the foods they consume. Want to know the secrets behind the flawless skin of Japanese women? If yes, then keep reading!

Japanese woman flawless skin, Secrets Behind The Flawless Skin Of Japanese

1) Drink green tea

People of Japan drink so many cups of green tea on an everyday basis as it has anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. No wonder why you can’t guess the age of Japanese women. Apart from drinking green tea, they also use it in facial cleansers and homemade face masks.

Researchers are of the opinion that green tea helps treat acne as the compounds in the tea help reduce the production of sebum which in turn reduces acne.


2) Eat fish

In the west people usually consume red meat but when it comes to Japanese cuisine, the main focus is on seafood. Red meat is used very sparingly. Japanese meals have soups and salads with a simple dish of rice. The food does not have thick gravies. It is light and the focus is on the flavours. Fish is a wonderful source of lean protein, vitamin B and omega 3 fats which are good for the skin.

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3) No junk skincare products

The skin care routine of Japanese women has very few products involved as they believe in using natural products. Their basic rule is that if something is not edible, it should not be used on the skin.

In place of a chemical face scrub, Japanese women use the powder of a red bean called Adzuki and with the help of water gently exfoliate the skin. The bean is rich is saponins that are natural cleansing compounds. You too can repeat the same with kidney beans or rajma as they too are high in saponins.

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4) Use oil-based cleansers

We usually use alcohol-based toners and cleansers as it removes oil and grime. At the same time it can strip your skin of natural oils and make your skin dry and flaky.

Japanese women use a variety of oils as skin cleansers. Such oil-based cleansers help in getting rid of grime from the skin’s surface leaving it soft and supple.

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5) Stay away from the Sun

Japanese beaches are deserted all throughout the year because the women there avoid the sun as much as they can! They prefer to travel either early morning or late evening and completely avoid the mid-day sun.

This is the main reason for their flawless skin as researchers say that the UV rays of the sun account for 80% of wrinkles and ageing of the skin.

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Genes also have a role to play when it comes to skin health. If your parents had acne, it is most likely that even you will have the same. Tweak your lifestyle and diet to make your skin visibly clear. You need not be Japanese to have a flawless skin. Clean eating can also help!

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