Seeking Your Suggestions For Quality Sleep


Seeking Your Suggestions For Quality Sleep

Hello All!!!

I have always discussed health and weight loss in my posts, haven’t I? I have never tried to get open with you girls but today I am going to do so.

This post is different from what I usually write. It is not about weight loss, diets, workout or anything related to that. No remedies or advices from my end. I am turning the table in fact!

I am not going to bombard you with information this time :P. No more monologue! Instead I am here to humbly request you for your valuable suggestions. I want get candid with all the lovely readers we have here on Indian weight loss blog and want to hear all the suggestions you can give. You must be wondering what I am talking about.

sleep tricks

Okay, so let me tell you about my problem first, I just can’t fall asleep before 12 midnight :(. I remember back in school I used to doze off by 9 pm :P. Haaa! I really miss those days! I used to study and play at school and fall flat after dinner. Yeah, I know that was childhood and it is common for young adults to stay awake and to do something or the other. But even after my school life I have been a 10 ‘o clock person. My parents have instilled certain principles in me and one among them is:

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Usually by 10 pm I used to be found fast asleep, but over 8 months I have difficulty in falling asleep. I lie down by 10.00 pm each night only to find myself tossing and turning in bed. It is so irritating and makes my mind wander. I usually think about going shopping or updating my wardrobe 😉

I play songs, (soft music, and not item numbers :P) to lull myself to sleep but it is of no avail. I actually sleep only after the music stops and it well past 11:45 by then. I have tried reading books and they do work at times but my eyes are too tired after spending the whole day on the laptop. My eyes need rest too,right!

It seems like a trivial issue, doesn’t it? It is not for me 🙁 I am unable to get up in the morning at the right time due this and my whole day’s schedule gets upset!

importance of sleep for health

Tarun told me to try drinking warm milk at night, I have heard about this remedy but it is something that will never work for me as milk just doesn’t suit me. So, I humbly request you to let me know what I should be doing for this problem of mine. It is not a wise thing to be awake till midnight as hunger dawns by then and I start looking for midnight snacks (I have healthy puffed rice though). See, I can’t stay away from preaching! 😛

If you have any good suggestions please share them with me. Any remedy is welcome. Thanks in advance!! Will be waiting for your suggestions in the comments section.



Seeking Your Suggestions For Quality Sleep!

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  1. Vinita, Try getting up early.. i get up everyday at 5:30 am, and even if i don’t want i am dropped dead in bed at 10pm only.. Saturday nights if i party i am half the time yawning.. 😛

  2. Vini, you need to workout a bit. When your physical activity is too low, you wont be tired. We are meant to be tired before we hit bed at night. Try oiling your hair at night, that also helps.

  3. It happens to me too but not daily 🙂 My husband suggests lying flat on back and concentrating on different body parts one by one. The idea is to understand ur body and detect any issues. This helps in falling asleep too as body is relaxed. I seriously sleep just after conc. on my feet 😛

  4. Even I have the same problem. I just can’t relax. I take a bath these days. I have heard that rubbing lavender essential oil on your pulse points helps, I have never tried it though 😛

  5. soak ur feet in warm oil with some bath salt and essential oils,pour sum drops of lavender oil on your pillow. am a victim to insomnia and have found these two tips pretty useful.

  6. and yes there is a bedtime yoga also, rest ur legs straight on a wall , body in the right angle to legs, stretch ur legs and relax the upper body. it removes the stress from neck n shoulders and helps in backache .

  7. Hi Vinita..I would suggest you to have a good walk for say 15-20 minutes after half an hour of dinner..I usually plug in soft music and walk… I am sure it might help u in falling asleep! 🙂
    I had similar issue last year and mine was even worse as I couldn’t sleep until 2! 🙁


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