Top 5 Self Care Rituals You Must Include In Your Routine


5 Self Care Rituals You Must Include In Your Routine

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Are you immensely busy all the time? Do you take care of yourself? By that I mean do spend time on yourself? I know life can be busy and not leave a minute for you to do your own thing, but you must allot at least an hour for yourself and your inner-happiness. Interests and hobbies should always be kept alive inside you. There are many ways to take care of yourself. You must have definitely read about self care rituals a plenty of times. They are actually good for you, but at times it may get confusing as to which ones to choose. Do you wish to choose only those daily self care rituals that are backed by science? Then you have landed at the right place as here we are discussing science backed self care rituals that really work.

1) Discovering your spiritual self

buddha buddhism techniques in meditation

Including spirituality in your everyday life will help in decreasing stress levels. A spiritual life can help improve the quality of your life and thereby your health. When you start to understand your spiritual self, you will begin your journey to self-discovery. So start viewing yourself from a spiritual perspective. It won’t cost you anything. You may actually feel liberated from within.

2) Use your senses for your benefit

Forest - hiking benefits fo the brain

Take out the time to look at the physical surroundings. It can teach you how to live in the present. Take a while to look around the beauty of nature and let your senses bathe in that. This can help in promoting and maintaining a healthy nervous system.

3) Essential oils

essential-oils-to relieve stress

Smell helps you reach the central nervous system. There are plenty of types and varieties of essential oils for this purpose and this has been backed by science. So, aromatherapy needs to be a part of your self-care routine. Choose the essential oils that work best for you!

4) Tea time

women-drink-herbal-tea-for weight loss

The best way to prepare yourself for the day ahead is to sip on a cup of green tea each morning. Science says that the chemical compounds present in green tea (polyphenols) are helpful in fighting inflammation and cancer. Include green tea in breakfast if you want to reap the benefits. Green tea possesses energy-boosting qualities that are only a little less than what you get from coffee. This may be a great option for those who don’t want to drink caffeine.

5) Stretching

Simple Stretches at work

How do you feel after a long and tiring day? Does your body ache and you feel too way tired? Well, to set that right, you should start including stretching exercises in your list of self care rituals. Studies reveal that simple stretches can help decrease the pain and fatigue most people experience at the end of the day. Include stretches in your daily routine.

Do include the above 5 self care rituals in your routine and see the difference in your life.

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