Self Defence-How Women Can Prevent Attacks?


Self Defence-How women can prevent attacks?

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For a change I am not going to talk about food, diet or health. This post aims at discussing a rather grave issue – protecting oneself from an attack. The world is not safe for women and that is the grim reality. There are nine things that every woman should know in order to protect herself when she has to face risky situations:

woman attacked

1) Being aware of your surroundings

Self defence is not only about kicks and punches. Self defence begins with being aware of your surroundings. Usually criminals take advantage of a surprise. Studies also say that attackers choose those women who are unaware of what is happening around them. Be vigilant while walking on the street and notice people around you. By projecting a forceful presence a lot of unwanted situations can be avoided.

2) Using your sixth sense

Your gut feeling or sixth sense is a powerful subconscious approach when it comes to life threatening situations. Women are especially gifted with it. Trust this intuition of yours and use it to the full extent. When your gut feeling tells you that a person or situation is not ok, or you don’t feel safe, try to avoid the person or situation.

3) Taking self defense training

Women’s self Defense Tips

Evaluate the practicality of the self defense program before signing up for it. It would be better to avoid martial art studios unless you want to master the art. Several women self defense programs teach techniques that are too complex and unrealistic during a real attack. If you happen to go for it, try to get practice in a real assault scenario (simulated attack) so that you can face things when you are actually attacked.

4) Just escape

The best way out always is to escape. If someone suddenly forces you to go with him in a car or into a building, don’t go with him!!! Just run away and start yelling for help. Throw a stone on him or anything solid you have at hand (while running). Do whatever you can to get attention and escape.

5) Fight for yourself

woman fighting attacker

Sometimes being aware and escaping just don’t seem to work. There are times when you have to face the attacker physically. You have the right to protect yourself and you can fight when things go out of control. I know that women fear that by hitting the attacker they might anger him and he might hurt them badly but stats say that the chances of survival are greater when the woman fights back. You can aim at the eyes or at the groin. Attack with an element of surprise, be quick as you get only one chance.

6) Pepper spray

pepper spray for self defence

The pepper spray has been much in news for protecting women but is it actually effective? It can be useful but it has its own set of drawbacks. It does not work on everyone. About 15 to 20 percent will not be affected even after a full face spray. You would most probably be carrying it in your purse and when you search for it you would alert the attacker. The bottom line is that you should not trust any self defence tool or aid. Just believe in your guts and your body when you are attacked.

7) Attackers entering your home

You can prevent this crime by following a simple thumb rule. Never open the door to strangers. Some people may appear as a plumber or even a police officer. Don’t ever open the door. If they happen to break into your home, rush into a safe room with a solid bolt. Keep a mobile phone, fire extinguisher or pepper spray can handy. Contact your near and dear ones with the phone.

8) Close all car windows while driving

While driving alone be vigilant. Attackers might just get into the car, so keep all doors locked when you drive. The attacker can pull you out of the driver’s seat or jump into the car. This can usually happen at signals where you have to stop the car.

9) Being careful in the cyber world

The internet can be a cool place to hang out but it is also full of dangerous creeps roaming around. Keep personal details like your contact no and address confidential. If your family also happens to be a part of the social networking site, ask them to be cautious. Use nick names while communicating online. With being just a little vigilant you can be safe.

Take care and be safe!!!

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