Self-Defence In India-What Women Need To Know


Self-Defence In India-What Women Need To Know

self defence for womenWe at IWB had promised our readers a series on Self defence and self-protection and here we are with some of the most informative and helpful posts with some practical tips on what as a woman you can do to stay safe and protected.

What is Self-Defence?

I am a woman but more than that I am a mother of a young girl; a mom who is always on tenterhooks thinking that my girl is out in this jungle full of dirty wolves on a daily basis. I start ringing her up if she is late by ten minutes of the regular timings of coming back home. I die a hundred deaths daily if I find her phone switched off or not reachable. I keep asking myself…

  • Am I overprotective mom? (well, this is what my girl calls me)
  • Is there something wrong, thinking about the security of my girl?

And then I realise that the answer lies not in fretting over the safety issues of my daughter or the terrible condition of the world our kids are living in…. the answer to all these questions is just one “Self-Defence”.

Self-defence or self-protection nowadays are the buzz words and after watching that most talked-about documentary “India’s Daughter” I think only thing that can give hope to Indian women is ability to fight for their security. According to reports, in Delhi a girl is raped every twenty minutes, though I don’t care about the statistics as I think one a day or hundreds a day cannot make us feel better about our security. Rape is the most common crime happening to a woman.

Is rape all about violent sex?

What do you say? I think no, it is all about dominance of man over woman. Women are assumed to be passive and not someone who can fight back (stereotypes you know). So now what we have to think about is how to break that stereotype and show that women are not passive and if they say NO to some action then man must listen. Remember Self-Defence is not only fighting back techniques but also acts to be safe without harming others or getting harmed by others.

Better safe than sorry

better safe than sorryI think the best strategy to handle all difficult situations in life is to prevent it from happening. It is always better to be safe than sorry and for that here are a few suggestions.

  • Better be careful as Date Rape is a common global problem. Now that doesn’t mean girls stay at home, no but surely be careful.
  • Avoid being alone in badly lit areas like parking lots, lonely lane etc. though at times it becomes difficult to avoid such places, and at that time always remember that you are more powerful than you actually think you are.
  • If you are attacked for the sake of stealing your phone or jewellery, when you are alone, it is a wise thing not to shout just like that as the attacker might panic and harm you. Best option will be to tell the attacker to wait as you take out the desired valuables and then surprise him by flinging your valuables on his face or as far away as possible forcefully. Though running isn’t a good idea yet as you have already distracted him you can run away in the opposite direction and ask for help.
  • You must have seen many posts making rounds on Facebook about what to do when you enter a lift in a high-rise apartment late at night and find yourself alone with an unknown male? Enter the lift and press all the buttons up to the topmost floor. Why? Because then the lift will stop at each and every floor and the other person will not get any idea about the flour you will be getting out of the lift. Smart, isn’t it?
  • Before getting into an auto at night, note down its registration number. Then use the mobile to call your family or friend and pass on the details to them in the language the driver understands. Even if no one answers your call, pretend you are in a conversation. The driver will not try to get into any trouble as someone already knows your whereabouts.

Point is that you might not be martial art expert or a heavy built strong bodied woman but never ever let go of your common sense. Common sense is a powerful weapon that can make you invade anyone. You don’t need to fight out every situation if you can keep your mind straight.

avoid rape

Before I end this post I need you to understand a few things very clearly-

  • Please, don’t think what if the person you are suspecting to be harmful is actually a harmless one.
  • How would he feel when he realises what you are doing is actually to warn him?
  • Would he get offended or hurt by these acts of yours?

Girls you are not doing anything to hurt anyone’s sentiments but just playing safe. You are not answerable to any stranger but yourself. So stay strong and fight back for your right to survival.

Now you know about self-defence and what women need to know?

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