Self Discipline For Weight Loss-Why nothing else works?


Self Discipline For Weight Loss-Why nothing else works?

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We get hundreds on emails every day from people all around the world, who leave their email addresses showing interest in IWB weight loss program. When we reach out to them, we get to hear all kinds of obstacles that they face while losing weight. One of them is lack of discipline. Off late,  I was chatting with a client who is motivated enough to lose weight. She said she lacks self-discipline. She cannot control her temptation of food when she watches her colleagues or family eating carbohydrates. She also complained that it is difficult for her to follow a routine, say getting up early, sleeping early, eating on time, going for walks. Some day she would be 100 percent perfect, next day 100 percent far from perfect.

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Read on to know why Self Discipline is so important to lose weight.

1. Self-discipline is an important way to communicate with your body. How else would you tell your body that you are going to eat healthy, provide it with all nutrients that it needs, will exercise?  The only way to make your body understand is by being disciplined and following a routine. That’s when your body understands that it is taken care of well.

2. You can afford to have cheat days when you are disciplined most of the times. If you eat right 80% of the times, you can lose weight. But if you eat wrong 80% of the times and yet exercise, you won’t be able to shed a gram and eventually give up. Consistency is the key to losing weight, staying healthy and fit.

3. Without self-discipline, your body refuses to change. If you want your body to change, you should change first. Someone has rightly said that you lead by example!

4. When you are self-disciplined, especially about eating, your cravings gradually go down. That’s because now your body starts supporting your goal of losing weight and stops craving for unhealthy food like pizza, pasta, sweets etc. Your body feels healthier and in turn increases its immunity and metabolism that favors weight loss.

4. Lastly, nothing in life comes easy, not even health. When you want to be healthy, you have to work towards it continuously, day in and day out, 24*7, 365 days a year. There is no shortcut to health, the same applies to losing weight as well.

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Weight loss is no rocket science, just be focused and develop self-discipline, You would understand in no time what is working great for your body and what is not!

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Do you agree that you need Self Discipline For Weight Loss?

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