Self Discipline Or Motivation – What Is More Important For Health!

Self Discipline Or Motivation - What Is More Important For Health!

Self Discipline Or Motivation 

What Is More Important For Health!

Self discipline or Motivation

People are often confused when it comes to their health. Good health promotes better life span, a lower degree of stress, greater resistance to diseases, and a lot more. But what do you need for achieving a healthier life? Is it the motivation or the discipline which takes us along our entire life! Here we discuss the most important question… Self Discipline Or Motivation, What Is More Important For Health!

Self Discipline

Sometimes people think of self discipline as a force which comes through internal factors. For some self-discipline is just forcing yourself to follow your set of rules and regulations. It comes with developing a sense of responsibility towards your own self and intention to follow it. Self discipline has huge impact on your physical and mental well-being. This self discipline can be for recovering your health through various controls. 

Avoiding Junk Food

Self Discipline Or Motivation  What Is More Important For Health!When it comes to your health, you should always be inclined towards healthy foods and rejecting the unhealthy ones. Self Discipline makes you aware of your decision and urges you to make the correct choice. Be mindful while eating whatever comes your way.


Self Discipline Or MotivationExercises are the best way to cope with health and mental illness. Exercising regularly, not only makes you fit and healthier but also joyful which people frequently forget. Sometimes, people need extra motivation for regular exercising. This is where self discipline moves you.

Quitting bad habits

It is challenging to quit an existing addiction like smoking or drinking. You need self discipline to get away from the addiction.


Study of health psychology tells that people are moved by internal and external motivation. Our society largely accepts the external motivation like fame, money but in the long run, they are no way near the internal motivation which makes you what you are. It creates a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction in the work you do, which is a necessity for a healthier life.


To cope up with stress, internal motivation plays an important role. Higher stress levels can lead to illness and more negative thoughts, which lately harms your health. Motivation generally enables you to survive the atrocities of the world.

According to a study, people that had a lot of negativity were more likely to get affected by anger, nervousness, frustration or fear. These can lead to hypertension and higher blood pressure causing heart stroke, asthma and even brain damage. Ultimately it is your health which is affected the most and degrades day by day. 


Focused people or people who control their fate are often unmoved by stress or anxiety. Motivation allows you to accept your mistakes before you blame somebody or something. Motivation makes you more positive, and the positivity in your character helps you to achieve your goals and it also helps in minimizing the effects of such an illness.

Our Takeaway

Discipline and motivation can often go hand in hand. By far analyzing every point for better health, we can’t degrade the importance of one over the other. Managing stress, anxiety or health using Motivation and Discipline as a tool, helps you to set your goals by fixing in the problem which latter promotes you for a good physical and mental health. Though this will be the perfect close to this blog post….

Self Discipline Or Motivation - What Is More Important For Health!

What do you feel… Self Discipline Or Motivation – What Is More Important For Health?


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