Should Low Carb Dieters Eat More Butter?


Should Low Carb Dieters Eat More Butter?

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There is no doubt that low carb diet are healthy! Even though they are high in fat, they usually do not raise LDL levels (the ‘bad’ cholesterol) on an average. However, it may vary from individual to individual There are a number of doctors who have noted that some of their patients on a low carb diet develop really high levels of LDL. It is a serious matter and shouldn’t be ignored.

People claim that the reason for this is the high butter content included in a low carb diet. These days low carb diets are high in butter and there are people who even add it to their coffee.


Saturated fat-Is it bad for you?

For quite a long time saturated fat has been thought to be a major cause of heart disease. It is still recommended to people that they watch their saturated fat intake. But studies find no link between saturated fat intake and heart disease.

On the whole, the fat doesn’t seem bad but there is not anything good about it either. It has a neutral effect on health.

High-fat dairy products are healthy

In past they have been demonized but high fat dairy products are healthy. Full-fat milk, yoghurt and cheese are all nutritious and packed with good quality protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and other essential nutrients. The relationship between consumption of high fat dairy and heart disease is not clear. Some studies show a decreased risk, some show no effect whereas some show an increased risk. There is reduced risk of heart disease in countries where the cows are mainly grass fed.

High fat dairy being beneficial doesn’t mean that it applies to all. Butter can have different effects on the risk factors of heart disease.

Butter is different from other high-fat dairy products

A recent study compared the effects of butter and cream on the levels of blood cholesterol. The study revealed that dairy fat in butter increased chances of heart disease more than dairy fat from cream.

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Butter added to bulletproof coffee– Have people got too far?

There are people who overdo things. Just because it is said that saturated fat won’t cause harm, it doesn’t mean that you start hogging on it!

Butter may be good but within limits. But adding several spoons of it in your coffee or anything you have is not right. More is not good in the case of nutrition.

When some low-carbers are witnessing skyrocketing LDL levels on eating an ultra high saturated fat, such a diet should not be recommended without proper testing.

Some people are doing fine on a low carb and really high fat diet while others are seeing a fast increase in vital heart disease risk factors. This is a major issue and should not be taken lightly. Anybody saying that the cholesterol theory no longer holds good is plainly giving dangerous advice.

The healthiest low carb diet choice- The Mediterranean low carb diet

Nutrition being a field that is developing at a fast pace, what seems valid today gets debunked the next day! So, when there is a new evidence that says that you were wrong before, you must be willing to change your stand.

Butter that seemed perfectly alright in a low carb diet, is now not such a safe bet. No, butter is not harmful but you must stay away from eating large amounts of it. Better stay away from the ultra-high-butter trend. It may do more harm than good.

olive oil

Choose a Mediterranean style low carb diet instead, with more of extra virgin olive oil instead of butter.

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