6 Shower Habits That Harm The Skin


Shower Habits That Harm The Skin

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Do you shower with care or are you recklessly doing it? Most people don’t think twice about the way they shower. They feel that what they do for their body is the best. In fact we all must be having bad shower habits that harm the skin. So, your dry skin and frequent breakouts may be due to your bad bathing habits.


We all were taught hygienic habits when we were young. However, our shower practices can be drying out the skin, can aggravate eczema and get rid of natural oils and protective bacteria. Changing your shower habits may make you feel uncomfortable initially but you will feel relieved when your skin health and appearance improves.

Bathing habits should be based on the climate of the place you live in, daily activity, exercise routine. However, there are good and bad habits to be followed overall. Here is what a dermatologist has to say about our bathing habits and why they are bad for us. If you want to improve skin health, you need to change the following harmful bathing habits:

1) Not moisturizing after a shower

A lot of people are guilt of this! Showering is just half of the battle and if you don’t moisturize right after it, you are missing out on an important step. The main purpose of moisturizing after a shower is to trap the moisture in.

2) Too much of scrubbing

Strong soaps and scrubs can make your skin clean but they can also breakdown the protective skin barrier. This can put you at the risk of eczema and dry skin. If you feel that your skin is irritated, you need to stick to exfoliating your skin only once a week.

3) You use an old loofah

If you have been using the same loofah for too long now, it would be better to throw it into the bin. Dermatologists say that it is better to throw away your loofah after every 4 weeks. This is because it can be home to mould and bacteria.

4) Taking too many showers


Well, if you live in a hot and humid place you will need to take 2 showers. Otherwise more than one shower and that too for more than 10 mins can make your skin dry as natural oils get removed and water is evaporated from the skin instead of getting trapped. This will make your skin too dry.

5) How water showers

Taking hot water showers for a long time can dry your skin out and make you vulnerable to inflammatory skin conditions like eczema. You should try to keep your shower time under 5 minutes and try your best to avoid hot temperatures.

6) Not showering post exercise

When you wear tight fitting sportswear and exercise vigourously you are bound to be sweaty and release oil from the skin. This is the perfect recipe for skin breakouts. You can also suffer from fungus and bacteria if you don’t shower when you are sweaty.

The final word

Take good care of your skin and don’t go overboard with bathing.

Hope you found this post on Shower Habits That Harm The Skin useful!

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