Shweta’s Weight Loss Story


Hi Everyone,

Me and writing a weight loss story seems funny as I have a normal body weight and have been so for many years. But , I remember when Ana started on her weight loss mission, she would always ask me why am I so concerned about weight.

Well, here is the background. I was a fat kid. Not the cute ,chubby kinds but I pretty much looked like a ball ! Till the time I was about 11 yrs old I was fine, but within a year I ballooned. I developed some skin allergy and because of the medicines I ballooned big time. I was more than 53 kilos at age 12.

As I entered my teenage years, I was sick and tired of my classmates teasing me and decided to take matters into my own hands. And as we know that’s never a good idea. I went on a crash diet and eventually fell so sick that I was termed “anaemic “ by the doctor. Weight loss happened yes, but with it my health went for a toss. Then as board exams neared , all forms of exercises went for a toss and I became fat again. This was a cause of despair for me. But I decided to join a gym in the vacations that follow the boards. Thus started my journey with workouts which have been irregular off late,but my “ muscle memory “ or the ability for the body to show results  quickly is still as strong as ever.

In college, I wasn’t regular with workouts at all, but with all the walking we did around the campus instead of attending classes, kept my weight down. When I passed out from tenth STD , I would wear size 32 jeans, and eventually came down to 28 . There was a phase e in between where I actually did fit into size 26. That waist still eludes me till today:P

Then came my airline job, which required me to be at a lower body weight. I have written about it, so you can read it here. Thus, began years of yo yo dieting as my weight had to below 58 kilos. For the record, I am 5 feet 4 inches tall.

But,that crazy dieting took a toll on my health,with perennial dark circles and irregular periods for a while.However,my cycle is now regular.

I met a dietician who taught me that eating healthy coupled with workouts is the best way to live healthy. Fad diets never work as they are only a shortcut . I was never a breakfast person,but now after being shown the right path, I eat heavily in the morning and very light at night. Also regular,home cooked meals are the key to good health. That’s not to say I never indulge.. I do, but in moderation and just once a week. I eat pizza and sweets as well. But regular workouts have helped me maintain my body weight . I don’t check my weight much , as I have a higher bone density as a result of which my body weight is high. To give you an idea of my size, I wear tops in S or M depending on the fit and size 27/28 jeans.

What I have realized is that one needs to have a balanced outlook when it comes to health. I strongly recommend that all women must read both the books by Rujuta Diwekar. If you are reading a weight loss blog, you may be serious about fitness and any fitness conscious woman must have read the books. The lady makes hell lot of sense and introduces us to the Indian way of eating ; A point to consider when we see our ageless grand moms.

Eat smart, Eat healthy and eat more at home. Thats not to say you order restaurant food and eat at home. Eat more home cooked food and workout . Any activity that interests you, will do.

Shweta's weight loss story

This is how i look rite now –


Shweta's weight loss

Shweta's weight loss how

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  1. u lok gr8 shwetha 🙂 , in first pic wat lipstick ur using?
    my weight is under my control, but my only concern is my hip size, other thn i look fit, my height is 5′ 3″, my weight is 58, but my hip size 30, i hate that, bcz of tht i cant wear so many types of dresses, i feel really bad, some times depressed to go out with friends, i hope u ppl really post some tips to reduce belly soon 🙂

  2. Omg Shweta I love what u r wearing in second pic…that blak jumpsuit.
    And weight loss..I m struggling hard to loose last 5 kgs…I do a 5 km brisk walk daily…but I guess I need to do more

  3. hi,
    may i pls know as to which test tells u that ur bone density is more…can u suggest that. As i was normal as in 50 kgs before mrrge. And now i am like 80 kgs with belly fat and thigh fat. rest of my body is very normal. I dont understand that what is the problem…exactly and what i need to do….to shed my weight. i eat mostly home food. with walking also in the morning…follow normal diet (eggetarian).

  4. Jyotsna wlking alone doesnt help.. U have to aslo weight train to get ur body in shape.. Bone density chks are done at hospitals so u cn chk with ur healthcare provider

  5. you look amazing gal! i am loving ur outfit and everything, its trendy, i cannot imagine u were overweight once, u look fab


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